Jessica Simpson Writes a Self-Love Letter in Honor of Her 42nd Birthday: I Know What I’m Doing?

Jessica Simpson Writes a Self-Love Letter in Honor of Her 42nd Birthday: I Know What I'm Doing

Jessica Simpson Writes a Self-Love Letter in Honor of Her 42nd Birthday: I Know What I’m Doing?

Jessica Simpson is prepared to “rock ‘n’ roll” into 42!

In a photo shared on Instagram on Monday, the fashion designer, who was dressed to the knees in a black cutout dress and strappy stilettos while soaking in the moonlight, wrote a moving and empowering letter to herself in honor of her birthday, which is on July 10.

She began the caption, “Oh Lil Mrs 42 look at you leanin’ into the moonbeams to recharge and radiate a purposeful glowing heart,”

“I have persevered and become stronger over the past 40 years, and I am quite proud of those qualities. I am quite excited about turning 42 because I know what it takes for me personally to maintain DETERMINED PATIENCE, regardless of what has occurred or has not yet occurred in my life “As she spoke,

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“She is someone I adore dearly, as I am aware of myself. Ladies and gentlemen, I have to tell that I am prepared to waltz boldly inside every dream I have since I am aware of my destiny. To finally be my best friend, I feel humbled and honored. Let’s start rocking and rolling now, 42 “The author of Open Book said this.

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The Employee of the Month actress also gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her significant birthday party by sharing a number of pictures with friends and family on her Instagram Story, including her husband Eric Johnson and parents Tina and Joe Simpson.

Simpson celebrated her birthday by blowing out a sparkler candle on her elegantly understated green cake.

The “Take My Breath Away” singer revealed she received a box of donuts from Blinkies Donuts that said “HBD Mom” as well as a special gift from her son Ace, as part of the weekend birthday celebrations on Monday.

Using cardboard boxes and packaging foam, the 9-year-old made his mum an improvised robot outfit. Additionally, he left her a message on the front: “world’s greatest mother ever. I cherish you so much.”

Daughters Maxwell, 10, and Birdie Mae, 3, are also shared by Simpson and Johnson, whom she married in 2014.

The singer previously mentioned that she and her family traveled to Lake Austin to spend the Fourth of July vacation with their relatives, saying that it “had the best 4th of July week”

The children chose Texas to visit their relatives when we asked them where they wanted to travel for their summer vacation. It was a week filled with sentiment and nostalgia.

Feeling happy, she added, “Settled into summer feeling good,”

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