Jerry Falwell Jr.. Sues Liberty University During Firing subsequent Gender Scandal

Jerry Falwell Jr. says it is bad enough that he had been the victim of an extortion plot on a fake sex scandal, however the college his own dad set gave him the boot within the subject… according to a new suit.

Falwell Jr. registered lawful docs accusing Liberty University — founded by his father 1971 — of pushing his resignation in the aftermath of a former secretary, Giancarlo Granda, ” he had intercourse with Falwell’s spouse as Falwell saw.

At the lawsuit, Falwell says he and his family became the goals of an malicious smear effort incited by anti-evangelical compels… later Liberty University employed the allegations as a excuse to push him to resign.

Falwell also asserts these were attempts by political operatives sterile concerning his service President Trump.

Granda advised Reuters back in August the affair with Falwell’s wife began 2012 and continued until 2018. Back in docs,” Falwell admits Granda had a affair with his spouse that finished in 2014, however, denies seeing them for enjoyment. In addition, he asserts Granda demanded enormous money payments in the Falwells to remain quiet. Falwell says that he refused to cover, and that is when he asserts Granda went into the press.

Falwell asserts Liberty University admitted the salacious and baseless accusations against him and his spouse at face value and a day after compelled his resignation as president afterwards 13 years at the helm. He insists that the school did not conduct an investigation.

Falwell adds the college granted credence to Granda’s allegations by declaring Falwell had engaged in”disobedient” behaviour”in secret” which was”black” and a”sin” He is suing the college to defamation and breach of contract.

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