Jeremy Meeks Reveals Whether He’s Single! Plus, He Dishes on New Movie

Jeremy Meeks Shows Whether He Is Single! He Dishes on New Movie

Jeremy Meeks made headlines since the”sexy felon” and he’s starring Jordyn Woods from the new thriller”Trigger.”

“Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay spoke to the celebrity, that opened up in his profession, loved ones, and if he is single!

Meeks, that got to modeling after jail, is currently behaving, stating,”I only believe in myself. And after I started actingI eventually discovered a fire and it seems great.”

Meeks creates his movie debut in”Trigger” playing with Trey, who’s paroled out of a murder charge and has to stay with his own brother.

He advised Rachel of this function,”You men will be amazed. It is an emotional roller coaster. It is up and down” He also added,”It was quite true to self, within this character”

Meeks went ,”He was really released from prison out of performing 10 years now… and I have really done 10 years” He could associate,”He needed to escape and had nowhere to go, so that he went into his brother because this was not the only place he understood… And I know exactly what sounds like. I have gotten out of prison and had nowhere to go to your family member’s house, and it sparked a great deal and it made it rather simple for me to associate with the personality.”

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The celebrity shared exactly what life is like in home throughout the pandemic together with his son Jeremy Jr. and toddlers Jayden. Jeremy joked,”I recognize that like the remainder of the USA, I’m not smarter than the usual fourth-grader.”

He revealed to Rachel that he isn’t dating. “I’m single… I am attempting to concentrate on self. I have an unbelievable connection with Chloe [Green]… the mom of the 2-year-old. And today I’ve got a connection with the mom of my eldest son… We are all co-parenting. They’re incredible moms”

Thus, Rachel needed to ask:”If’The Bachelor’ approached one are the next job, do you take action?”

Meeks demonstrated,”I’d definitely think about it…’job,’ in case you men wish to achieve out, I’d like to get a sit-down.”

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