The Wealth of A Champion: Jens Pulver’s Net Worth Story!

The Wealth of A Champion: Jens Pulver's Net Worth Story!

Fighter and mixed martial artist Jens Pulver is worth $300,000. The sixth of December 1974 saw the arrival of Jens Pulver into the world. MMA fighter who made history by winning the UFC’s inaugural Lightweight Championship.


The Wealth of A Champion: Jens Pulver's Net Worth Story!

Jens Pulver, the son of a professional horse jockey, was born in Sunnyside, Washington, and he spent his formative years in Maple Valley, Washington (about an hour south of Seattle). He was the eldest of his siblings, with a sister named Jamaica and brothers named Dustin and Abel.

Pulver’s eyes are different colors because he has a benign medical disorder called heterochromia. His right eye is blue and his left eye is brown.

Pulver spent his childhood in a place he called “everyday torture.” The environment in his early home was one of constant violence and abuse, caused primarily by his alcoholic father. Pulver’s autobiography, Little Evil, One Ultimate Fighter’s Rise to the Top, details numerous instances of violence he endured as a child, the most extreme of which was when he was seven years old and his father threatened him by putting a shotgun to his mouth and saying, “Shit, ain’t worth a bullet.”

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Pursuing One’s Profession

It wasn’t until September of 1999 that Pulver made his MMA debut in the UFC. A championship shot against then-undisputed champion Caol Uno didn’t come until his fourth UFC bout, in February 2001. By a score of 9-0, Pulver became the inaugural UFC Lightweight Champion.

When contractual issues forced him out of the organization, he had already defended his title twice (against Dennis Hallman and B.J. Penn). Pulver rose to prominence thanks to a style of mixed martial arts fighting known as “sprawl and brawl,” a blend of defensive wrestling and boxing.

The Reason I’m Leaving the UFC

The Wealth of A Champion: Jens Pulver's Net Worth Story!

After the business turned down Pulver’s request for a wage hike and passed the deadline for exercising an option in the current contract, Pulver bowed out of his scheduled fight at UFC 38 on July 13, 2002. Pulver’s career took a minor dip when he left, with two straight defeats. By moving down a weight class, he was able to recapture his previous success (to 145 lb).

At roughly the same time, Pulver entered the professional boxing arena, where he went undefeated in four fights that year, one of which aired on the widely viewed USA Network. In addition to competing in Shooto and the IFL, Pulver also fought in a single bout for the Shootboxing kickboxing promotion, where he won a unanimous decision over 2004 Sanda champion Dai Chang Liang. Afterward, in Pride’s December 2004 installment, Pulver returned to the lightweight class.

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Life in General

Pulver’s offspring is a girl. In 2009, he tied the knot. On 16 December 2008, he and his wife had a baby boy.

The documentary “Jens Pulver: Driven” follows Pulver through his training camp, personal life, and terrible childhood.

The DIY Network’s The Vanilla Ice Project has a guest appearance by Pulver in 2014. Little Evil is his in-game moniker, and he is a member of the Red Harbinger computer case and gaming team. Rob Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) contacts him and his crew to build custom computers for the game room he planned and built in the refurbished home he purchased in Palm Beach, Florida.

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