Jennifer Aniston’s New Puppy Is The Cutest Thing EVER!

Jennifer Aniston's new puppy is SO cute!

Cutest. Dog. EVER!!!!

Jennifer Aniston only welcomed a brand new budding friend to her loved ones, also we seriously can not get enough of the cute little man!

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On Sunday, the 51-year old Friends alum declared on Instagram that she had brought a brand new pup into her household — a cute little man named Lord Chesterfield! )

And much better than simply creating the candy statement, the Morning Display celebrity also shared with a ridiculously adorable video of this small man, too!

Ch-ch-check from the unbelievable Lord Chesterfield using a bone stuck in his mouth because he’s sound tired and happy as could be (under ):

Awwwww! )

We completely know the way he uttered Jen’s heart instantly, because he has our hearts, also! So freakin’ adorable!!!

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A person tells us that puppy will live a great, joyful life with his brand new, loving family! We’re so eager about him… and also for Aniston!

another excellent reminder to embrace, do not store, and you may really alter a sweet little puppy’s entire life forever!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/Instagram]

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