Jennifer Aniston Says Voting To Kanye West’Isn’t Funny’He Responds:”’Friends’ Was not Funny Either

Jennifer Aniston Says Voting For Kanye West 'Is Not Funny', He Responds: 'Friends' Wasn't Funny Either

Jennifer Aniston,” Kanye West

Jennifer Aniston Says Voting For Kanye West’Is Just Not Funny’He Responds:’Friends’ Was not Funny Either

Lady Jennifer Aniston will not be casting her vote Kanye West, however he does not appear to mind.

Jennifer Aniston recently endorsed Joe Biden and encouraged fans to not encourage Kanye West’s campaign for president. She explained:

“This entire issue is not about just one individual or one issue. It is all about the future of the nation and of this entire world. Vote for equal individual rights, for love, and for decency. PS — It is not amusing to vote Kanye. I really don’t know just how to express it. Please be accountable.”

Kanye West has since caught end of her remark and reacted in tweets who have been deleted.

He responded to your headline regarding her announcement and referenced his first interview Joe Rogan.

“Wow that Rogan interview obtained em shook… Let us gooooooooo!”

Then he took a shot her character over the long-running sitcom Friends and tweeted:

“Friends was not funny either”


Jennifer Aniston is not the only star whose remarks are becoming Kanye West’s focus recently.

Lady and manufacturer Issa Rae additionally slammed Kanye through a skit on NBC’s Saturday Night Live before this season.

Kanye reacted to the cite and tweeted:

“Ive always stated SNL utilizes black individuals to maintain other black individuals ago

My heart goes out to Issa Rae

I am praying for her or his loved ones

I understand that the twenty decades of support I’ve paid from the entertainment area has furthered our capacity to be successful.”

He shared with a Google search of this”Insecure” celebrity.

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