Has Jenna Ortega Ever Undergone Plastic Surgery?

jenna ortega plastic surgery

As soon as Wednesday premiered on Netflix, Jenna Ortega’s plastic surgery rumors started. The actress, who recently turned 20, has a really attractive and natural appearance. In no way does her appearance imply that she has had any cosmetic surgery. Fans, however, can’t help but speculate about Jenna Ortega’s plastic surgery because it has become so commonplace these days due to the nature of the industry she works in.

Acting Career

jenna ortega plastic surgery

American actress Jenna Ortega first gained notoriety when she was a small girl thanks to her portrayal of the young Jane in the comedy-drama series Jane the Virgin on The CW. She also played Harley Diaz in the Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle, for which she won an Imagen Award. From 2016 to 2020, she acted as Princess Isabel in the animated television series Elena of Avalor.

She has since performed The Fallout, which is her most well-received work to date. She additionally made an appearance in the family movie Yes Day and the second season of the Netflix thriller series You. After starring in multiple horror movies like X and Scream, she has established herself as a scream queen. In the fantasy series Wednesday, she most recently played the title character, Wednesday Addams.

There has been increased curiosity about the actress’ personal life ever since Wednesday’s release thrust her into the spotlight. While some of them are interested in her romantic life, others are more interested in her professional life. Many people are even speculating about her plastic surgery on their own. She appears really natural, so why would people consider cosmetic procedures while looking at a face like hers? That certainly came out of the left field. Let’s learn more about Jenna Ortega’s cosmetic procedure!

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Does Jenna Ortega Really Go through Plastic Surgery

jenna ortega plastic surgery

After stealing the show with the premiere of Netflix’s Wednesday, Jenna Ortega (@jennaortega) has recently started to crop up in discussions about plastic surgery because, well, it’s inevitable given the superficial nature of the industry she works in.

There is nothing that suggests she has had work done like the alterations to her face (the different nose, the fullness of her lips, the shape of her eyes, the contour of her cheekbones, etc.). No rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, brow lift, eyelift, or cheek augmentation. There is nothing that would cause someone to wonder, “Oh, that does not seem natural, did she get any work done?” However, they can’t help but question if she underwent plastic surgery because it’s common in the performing field and the aesthetic enhancements may not be overt.

Fans Anticipation

Fans are only searching for “Jenna Ortega’s plastic surgery” because they anticipate finding something. However, I don’t believe anything is imminent because it genuinely appears that she has accomplished nothing. She appears just as she did in the earlier pictures of her as a preteen and a teen. With the exception of her cheeks, there aren’t enough changes that can be attributed to aging and growth; there isn’t even a hint of a difference.

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Suspicion of Plastic Surgery

jenna ortega plastic surgery

Jenna Ortega does appear to be thinner now, particularly in the face. Before, her cheeks were fuller; now, they are thinner. I believe that one thing could be accounted for by shedding some pregnancy weight and baby fat. She did not appear to have undergone a buccal fat reduction in order to increase the prominence and hollowness of her cheeks.

Additionally, because she just turned 20, the Wednesday cast wouldn’t be getting cosmetic procedures like Botox. She won’t require anti-wrinkle injections at this time. Hell, even prophylactic Botox is too soon for her to receive. She doesn’t have a Hollywood nose, either, when it comes to the nose. She has a wider nasal base and a larger (by Hollywood standards) nose bridge. She also appears to have perfected the skill of contouring her nose in the most recent photo. Not at all plastic surgery.

Fact Check

Furthermore, neither on her face nor on her lips did Jenna Ortega use fillers. In the most current photos, her cheekbones don’t appear higher or more defined than previously. She only slightly decreased in volume, which was simply baby fat being removed. She already has larger lips, which is the current fashion, so that’s good. Thus, it is extremely unlikely that she received lip fillers. They also don’t appear sinister. Overall, she is unaltered by plastic surgery and appears natural.


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