Jenelle Evans Responds Following Fans Can Be SHOCKED To Watch David Eason Taking A Gun About His Kids

Does Not Jenelle Evans eliminate describing her guy’s lingering behaviour?

The Teen Mother two alum’s husband David Eason has had his fair share of controversies, which range from bothering to consciously dangerous. This time around we would say his behaviour unquestionably falls under the two groups: through Jenelle’s Instagram Livethat he had been spotted packing heat whilst unpacking the household groceries.

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She started the movie by simply telling her husband to”accept off that thing,” presumably referring to the weapon strapped to his hip. Eason responded:

“Instagram does not provide a f**k…. Instagram is not as much of a bitch because TikTok.”

claims the guy who has had to alter IG accounts for example three times since we have known he vanished.

Jenelle clarified:

“Therefore, TikTok simply kicked me from my Livestream movie,’cause that they said some thing in my movie was contentious. I really don’t understand.”

At this stage, Eason smirked and chimed in,”I understand” — appearing a bit too familiar with the fact he obtained his spouse booted off social networking stage, if you ask . (Remember when he caught her fired from MTV too? He is a true keeper, which one!)

Anyhow, the controversy that season was Eason sporting his gun only lightly around the home while round the very young children — something lots of Jenelle’s lovers were really upset . Especially given the guy’s proclivity for violence…

(c) Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Afterwards from the livestream, the fact star clarified to coughing lovers:

“Yeah, David conveys all of the moment. It is a open source state here unless you’ve got a concealed weapon license. We do not, we have not taken the courses for this yet.”

…ALL the time? ) Even in their house? Even if spending some time with his children? David explained with another magical aside:

“Unless I am sleeping, then it is about the nightstand.”


He is not kidding. / (c) David Eason/Instagram

We make it, you love your rifle! Jenelle included:

“David takes all of the moment, I mean regardless of what store we proceed in. We got home accordingly, of course it is on his cool. He’s got a holster on his belt.”

Not surprisingly, fans were not convinced from these weak explanations. A few of the opinions included:

“Ya, real significant to be packing heat when you are on your home putting away markets. Anything that causes you to feel like a huge guy, I figure.”

“that I am quite puzzled, but then again who knows there may be a little breed puppy at the shopping tote who has to be taken”


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However, regardless of the staggering number of red flags of this man, the 28-year claimed asserted things are moving nicely in the Evans-Eason home. She shared:

“I really feel just like me, and David get together much better today than we have frankly… y’understand, when folks say the very first year of marriage is very tough, it actually is. And you also do not think that it’s likely to be, however y’understand, you get beyond it, and if you stick together, you become more powerful. And I really feel like that is what occurred to us. I feel as if we know each other now, and we convey a whole lot better than previously.”

Well, we are glad to listen to it and we only expect Eason’s behaviour does not grow any further than that which we have already observed…

Ch-ch-check outside the Complete vid (under ):

[Image via Jenelle Evans/David Eason/Instagram]

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