Jelloapocalypse Controversy: Everything You Need to Know

jelloapocalypse controversy

YouTube star JelloApocalypse, who goes by the pseudonym Brendan Blaber, is a Gemini born on June 20, 1994, in the United States. He is an American citizen and a voice actor noted for his dubbing videos on his YouTube channel.

Jello Apocalypse a You Tuber’s Career

jelloapocalypse controversy

After starting his YouTube channel on September 10, 2009, he now has more than 1.55 million followers and 200 million views across all his videos.

When it comes to Jello’s YouTube channel, his “So this is crucial” videos make up the majority of what he broadcasts. He makes fun of a wide range of media, including video games, animated films, and television shows.

Before “So this is necessary,” he made “Welcome to” videos in which he demonstrated how to use social media sites like Instagram in a lighthearted manner

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Jello Apocalypse Embrace Life and The People in It.

In spite of the fact that he has never spoken about his past or present relationships, Jello’s sexual orientation and love life are still the subjects of rumors on the internet.

To put it simply, many assume that Jello is homosexual because his Twitter handle includes the rainbow flag emblem and he has never made any reference to girls in his tweets. This rumor cannot be proved because he refuses to reveal his romantic connections.

One of Jello’s Chicago-based followers claims to have observed him and a female YouTuber who is a fan of anime and cosplay walking hand in hand. They’ve been dating for around three months, according to his supporters.

According to his social media accounts, Jello has not spoken about this; he is currently single, unmarried, and childless.


jelloapocalypse controversy

Viewers of Jello’s November 5th, 2018 YouTube video, which featured the headline “Vote,” accused him of “subliminal messaging” in an attempt to get them to vote Democrat.

According to Partisan, several of the comments in the video appeared to be liberal. Does it make financial sense to alienate my customers? It was brought to my attention by the Tumblr user Jello, who wondered: “I had 9,000 subscribers go. That’s the equivalent of around $3 in sales for the company.

It was worth it,” he says. Twitter became his medium of choice to respond to critics who accused him of hypocrisy for posting this video and his subsequent response. Later, Jello stated that he would not apologize for using his channel to express his opinions and urge his followers to vote in the next midterm elections.

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A Relative of Jello the Name of Erin Blaber

She is best known online as Plasterbrain, a moniker she chose in 2012 when she started publishing her work on the internet. Jello’s sister Erin

Known as a “score” singer, Plasterbrain is a musician, songwriter, and pop singer. She and her brother Jello went to numerous Midwestern conferences.

She is also a writer, an improviser, and a web designer, and she occasionally appears in her brother’s videos as an amateur voice actor (her website is her design).

As a fan of horror indie games and films, she is now writing a visual novel titled “Pizza Game.”

Jello Apocalypse Jello’s Personal Interests and Pursuits

jelloapocalypse controversy

His favorite anime shows are “Dragon Ball Z,” “Fullmetal Alchemist,” and “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” which he has voiced numerous times.

Cosplay is something he does on occasion and would do more of if he had more free time. After considering a career in standup comedy as an 8-year-old kid, instead, he decided to use his talents online to connect with a larger audience.

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