Jeffree Star Is Back On YouTube – With Claims of a Person Impersonating His Ex On The Internet?!

jeffree star claims fake accounts impersonated ex youtube

Where Jeffree Star goes, play is always certain to follow.

Really, has there ever been a period in the cosmetics ace’s career where he did not need to describe some shadiness? This time, following a month’s hiatus from YouTube, the contentious tribe needed any tales to share his own ex Andre Marhold.

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you might recall Andre since the man who supposedly coined and then ghosted that the YouTube character. Both got in a small back-and-forth on Instagram later Jeffree publicly accused Andre, who then threatened to”destroy” his or her ex in return.

Alluding to the connection, ” the 34-year old stated:

“I had been hanging out with somebody — some might call it relationship. Some might call it **king. I had been hanging out with somebody. We’re not hanging out and there was lots of internet action concerning it, and long story short is really a random individual made a bogus accounts of Andre and went to create a lot of crazy things about me like, we are going on just like a week and today.”

He lasted:

“Today most people have common sense and they understand that it was not actual, but it had been persuasive for a moment and they’re scamming people out of cash and it has become an entirely crazy legal entity, but I can not think people were falling for bogus information, post about it. Therefore, if you are a news website, and you say anything the bogus profiles mentioned as details… [whispers] see you .”

It is uncertain exactly which accounts is assumed to be bogus information — that the one who accused Jeffree of cheating his ex Nate Schwandt? It is not clear what fraudulent information Jeffree is not possible to sue within… certainly not the well-researched post detailing several alleged sexual assaults and incidents of violence? No interpersonal media accusations are so upsetting as people.

In any situation, he moved :

“I do it. It is my job. It is exactly what I signed up to get yet to hear mad rumors regarding’Jeffree will meth,”’Jeffree has AIDS,”Jeffree has that,”Jeffree does so’ — I had been like, what at the real f**k? … However, the world wide web is a small cuckoo this calendar year, so that’s over and that individual has been prosecuted, it has been a really interesting moment. So, those bogus accounts, we all found out that you were. Thank god for both IP addresses and regulation enforcement. Never a boring moment”

Hmm… we will take Jeffree’s term for it with this one we imagine, although we can not help but wonder whether we are getting the complete story here. Can this entire”fake news” company be a cover up to the data which was designed to”destroy” Star?

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Not that we are mentioning”whatever the bogus profiles mentioned as details,” only some idle speculation…

Ch-ch-check outside Jeffree’s complete return to YouTube (under ):

[Image via Jeffree Star/YouTube]

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