Jeffree Star Denies His Ex Andre Marhold’s Claims Behind Him, ” They Got Out Of Fake Account

Jeffree Star Denies His Ex Andre Marhold's Claims Against Him, Says They Came From Fake Account

Jeffree Star Denies His Ex Andre Marhold’s Claims Behind Him, claims They Got Out Of Fake Account

Beauty influencer Jeffree Star is back with a different message regarding his ex, basketball player Andre Marhold, along with the claims .

Jeffree Star formerly asserted that Andre Marhold stole out of him since both exposed an unpleasant split between these.

Andre Marhold seemed to react with his own promises from Jeffree Star, that happen to be deleted. He enticed Jeffree Star of calling him racist names and paying him 10,000 to pretend to maintain a relationship in a bid to silent maintains that Jeffree Star has created racist statements previously.

Today, Jeffree Star has left a return to his own YouTube page following a virtually glamorized hiatus and alleged that Andre Marhold has been impersonated online. He explained:

“I had been hanging out with somebody –some might call it relationship. Some might call it king. I had been hanging out with somebody. We’re not hanging out and there was lots of internet action concerning it, and long story short is really a random individual made a bogus accounts of Andre and went to create a lot of crazy things about me like, we are going on just like a week and today.”

He lasted:

“Today many people have common sense and they understand that it was not true but it had been persuasive for a moment and they’re scamming people out of cash and it has become an entirely crazy legal entity, but I can not think people were falling for bogus information, posting about it”

He declared a number of the claims from him personally and said:

“I do it. It is my job. It is exactly what I signed up to get yet to hear mad rumors regarding’Jeffree will meth. Jeffree has AIDS, Jeffree does so.’ I was like everything in the real f***?”

He stated he has already taken legal actions.

“that the world wide web is a small cuckoo this calendar year, so that’s over and that individual has been prosecuted, it has been a really interesting time…Thus, those bogus accounts–we all found out that you were. Thank god IP addresses and regulation enforcement.” 

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