Jeff Ross Sues Woman Claiming He Had Sex with Her When She Turned into a Minor


Jeff Ross is Moving after the Girl who Is accused him of statutory rape when she Had Been 15… and That He Asserts she Is trying to Punish him.

The comic filed a defamation lawsuit against Jessica Radtke, that made headlines earlier this season after she alleged Ross started having a sexual relationship with her 1999.

In accordance with this legal docs — acquired from TMZ — Ross admits that he had been a job familiarity with Radtke in a New York comedy team and he’d possess a mercurial relationship with her… although maybe not before 2002, if she had been a grownup.

Ross states all her accusations of having sexual intercourse with her if she had been a little are”totally untrue,” remembers his public denial of these allegations in June.

The comic asserts Radtke was around a campaign to attack him because 2017, however if her attempts to smear him at tabloids neglected… he says she made up the story regarding his intimate connection with her.

In accordance with the docs… this surfaced with her producing a Facebook webpage at overdue 2019 known as”Iwas15hewas33,” that he states was performed to defame him and also get focus. Ross says that she “made the ridiculous claim that she had been Ross’s’date’ in several high-profile public occasions, such as celebrity roasts, which were attended by tens of thousands of individuals.”

He adds…”To create her fictitious allegations as salacious as you can, Radtke also falsely accused Ross of frequently having unprotected intercourse with her while she was claimed Ross suggested to marry her”

In line with this defamation suit… Ross says he’s several witnesses to corroborate him not relationship Radtke till she had been 18.

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