Jeff Bridges Offers Update On His Cancer Fight:’I’ve S**Never To Share’

Jeff Bridges is providing fans a wellness upgrade after sharing his own lymphoma identification only over a week past.

On Thursdaythe legendary celebrity tweeted a thank you for his supporters for their help, together with a photograph (above) of himself posing in a hospital gown. Directing followers on his site, he composed:

“that I wish to thank you for reaching out through this moment, it feels great getting all of the wishes and enjoy!”

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Together with current musings, the 70-year old composed in the very first entrance of his newest online journal the way he has been feeling since beginning his remedy:

“This cancer thing will be attracting about feelings of preciousness, and fame, along with good old fashion love, and a lot of it, big time. I am feeling a lot of this comin’ my way, and man, I love it. It is infectious, this love, including any sort of virus that is positive ”

Surely better than the present virus we are all coping with! He continued to state “this cancer really is which makes me love my mortality, love impermanence,” and composed:

“that I wish to acknowledge and thank you guys for accomplishing during this moment. It seems great, becoming all the well wishes and enjoy.”

So pleased to listen to it!

Bridges additionally shared several different links, composing:

“I am understanding when I’ve s**t share, now is the moment.”

Among the matters on his head because of late is caring for our natural surroundings:”trees, guy, gotta look after our trees, they are us.” Very correct! Links on the website include a movie containing Bridges speaking about environmentally-friendly guitar alternatives and a ecological documentary he created.

The dad of three reasoned his initial upgrade:

“I am lookin’ to maintain a venture with you men in making a gorgeous lifestyle and universe for each of us”

As we said the Academy Award winner announced his identification through Twitter about October 19 using a mention for his iconic character in The Big Lebowski:

“Since the Dude could say. . New S**T comes to light. I’ve been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Even though it’s a severe illness, I feel blessed I have a wonderful group of physicians and the prediction is great. I am beginning therapy and will definitely keep you posted in my own recovery.”

“I am deeply thankful for the support and love from my loved ones members and friends. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. And, once I have you, then please make sure you go vote. Since we’re in this together. http://Vote.org. Enjoy, Jeff”

We are continuing to deliver Jeff greatest dreams!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN & Jeff Bridges/Twitter.]

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