Jeff Bezos Wins Defamation Lawsuit Brought by GF's Brother

Jeff Bezos Wins Defamation Lawsuit Brought from GF’s Brother

Jeff Bezos Only scored a Massive legal Success, annihilating his girlfriend’s brother .

An estimate only told Michael Sanchez to choose a hike, blowing off his defamation lawsuit against the wealthiest guy on the planet. As we mentioned, Sanchez, the brother of Jeff’s GF Lauren Sanchez, maintained Bezos told colleagues that it had been Michael who leaked these picture texts and naked photographs of JB into the National Enquirer. It seems Lauren delivered the texts and photographs to Michael but not believed he would attempt to sell them.

Michael claims that he wasn’t the origin of the escape, also sued Bezos for supposedly trashing him … with asserts which”spread like wildfire.”

The judge stated Michael’s assertions were hearsay… he had no evidence Bezos trashed him anyone, so he ignored the situation.

It is intriguing… Bezos accused that the National Enquirer of attempting to extort him graphic photos of him and Lauren, however stated,”Rather than capitulate into extortion and also to blackmail, I have resolved to print precisely what they shipped me, even regardless of the private cost and humiliation they endanger”

Unclear whether Sanchez will appeal the judgment.

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