Jeff Bezos will host the yearly robot conference

The yearly robot conference

Given the e-Commerce, the giant is going to launch a newly curates re MARS conference in the mid of 2019, June. The conference is open to the public from all around the world. Nevertheless, the Amazon CEO is gearing up for the formal party. The event is completely invites-only. The conference usually comes into life in the third week of March. And Bezos personally makes sure that the event will be organized in Palm Springs’ The Parker Resort.

By the looks of it, things are taking place at The Parker Resort at the time of writing this content. Ric Miller, an acclaimed photographer, who lives right beside the hotel has given the confirmation about happening of the event.

The company, on the other hand, Amazon has also come up with confirmation. And by the looks of it, the event is going to be excruciatingly similar to events of the past. The Abbreviation of MARS is Machine Learning, Home Automation, Robotics, and Space Exploration. Even the name suggests that the festival is going to be off the hook.

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Blue Origin is still active, even in the year 2019. Miller reports that he has seen the logos of Blue Origin all around The Parker Resort. The photographer also said that he saw a drone powered by solar-powered, named as Saildrone. Miller saw the drone in one of the parked trailers around the corner.

Jeff Bezos’ new endeavor in the midst of the divorce

By the looks of it, Jeff Bezos doesn’t want the company to be affected by his divorce. MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos might be a first billion couple to go through a massive stake after 25 years of marriage. By the looks of it, around $140 billion, about 16% is put at stake in the company. As Bezos, if the founder and the CEO of the company, he can do whatever changes he wants to bring. And as he created the company, he is not to be affected a lot due to the divorce.

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