Jeff Bezos’ wife MacKenzie Bezos’ will become the richest woman in the world following the divorce

Jeff Bezos divorce

Before there was Amazon Web Services, Alexa Powered Smart Speakers, Amazon Kindle and many other groundbreaking services, Bezos met MacKenzie. Sometimes, the couple is also said to be the parents of Amazon. And since January the split between the couple created an extravagant spotlight. By the looks of it, after Bezos and MacKenzie are divorced, MacKenzie will become the richest woman in the world.

Back in January 2019, the couple revealed the world that they are going to split. Some divorces have a lot of downsides, but Jeff Bezos’ case is a little different. The separation is going to make Jeff Bezos one half of the former most prosperous couple. According to the sources, Jeff Bezos has around 16% share in the acclaimed Bezos founded the firm in the year 1994 after the couple left the city that never sleeps to Seattle.

The couple is going to divide their estimated $137 billion equally between themselves.

Jeff Bezos and tale of his extra-marital affair

There was a revelation that Jeff Bezos affair with Ms Lauren Sanchez involved ample of racy texts. Things could have been quite if Jeff Bezos had not taken a few explicit photos. And this led to a conclusion that Jeff Bezos, indeed had an affair with Ms Sanchez.

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After this revelation came to light, Bezos used his considerable fortune and launched an investigation to look into the materials. Bezos’ team said that President Trump had to do something with releasing the damning stuff.

Bezos is the owner of The Washington Post. Ever since Donald Trump took an oath to be the president of the United States, TWP is in Trump’s crosshair. There is a highly likely chance that it could be Saudi Arabia. But later it was confirmed that they are not viable reasons. It was Michael Sanchez, the brother of Lauren Sanchez who sold to the photos to National Enquirer for $200,000.

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