Jeff Bezos learning to protect the assets during a divorce

Jeff Bezos divorce

Jeff Bezos divorce

The divorce of Jeff Bezos has become part of a bigger headline & it is all the more for a good reason. Well, the thing is that Jeff Bezos has to give up half of his hard earned net worth to his wife. After splitting the Net Worth with MacKenzie, Jeff Bezos will become the fifth of even or even the sixth most precious person in the entire world.

It is quite shocking, as quoted by some of the observers around the world. On the other hand, MacKenzie was Jeff’s partner in marriage. She supported Bezos when he was trying to build the empire that people around the world known today.

Bezos is in a transition period of the divorce

Blue Origin, the space venture of Bezos is going to expand the preexisting Florida facility for manufacturing the rockets. Jeff Bezos is going to expand the facility to an empty plot of 90-acres.

Florida Today said that the idea for expanding to “South Campus” on a Space Commerce Way. The plot is precisely near the Kennedy Space Center of NASA. By the looks of it, Bezos had filed the documents which were provided to him by Water Management District of St. Johns River. Blue Origin is going to use the land for establishing the complimentary programs for the constructed North Campus.

By the looks of it, the construction is going to being this year in July. And wrapping up the final phase of building will be done by the end of a year. On the other hand, the building will provide an open space for provisioning and manufacturing commercial vehicles to launch them into space. The site is going to feature a warehouse which could expand later.

The company is going to build the latest suborbital rockets called the New Shepard. Florida has become the ultimate destination for production of commercial rockets.

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