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Jeff Bezos focuses on making A.I. better despite his divorce

Jeff bezos on artificial intelligence

Jeff Bezos on Artificial intelligence

The modern-day tech experts say that Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world. There is also a possibility that A.I will help humanity to travel to Mars, not the planet.

The Chief Executive Officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has curated an invite-only conference called MARS in the previous week. The conference took place in Palm Springs. And this time the conference focused on robotics, machine learning as well as space exploration. More than 200 leading scientists of the world, as well as tech experts, came together under a single roof. The experts and the tech experts made discussions about the unconventional research and their experience before Jeff Bezos.

The convention focused on a single theme, and that is Artificial Intelligence. The experts were sharing their ideas regarding AI’s ability to make sense with data. Discussing the future of Artificial Intelligence is easy but the road to make AI better in the short run is tough. Making improvements on the AI is going to take a significant amount of time.

The speakers of the convention covered topics such as personalized medicine of the future. Speakers brought forward utilization of sailboats and forecasting the devastating storms and sending human beings to Mars.

The 140 billion dollars of Jeff Bezos

The development of divorce of Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos came into being in January. Ever since that day, the relationship of Jeff Bezos with his wife MacKenzie is not the same. On the other hand, there was the blackmail of the decade concerning the racy photos.

Bezos led a private investigation concerning the leaked texts and racy selfies. Splitting from MacKenzie is going to cost Bezos half of his net worth that the couple accumulated over 30+ years.

Given that Bezos is struggling in his personal life, and nevertheless he aces in his professional life.

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