Jeff Bezos’ divorce is a living proof that separation is not a nightmare

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Back in the time when Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos said that their marriage is heading towards divorces, people were flabbergasted. Nevertheless, in the previous week when the ex-couple came out with the revelation of their divorce settlement, things felt right. For the first time, it felt that divorce is not a nightmare.

The ex-couple openly appreciated each other and bestowed the utter respect and love they have for each other. And the divorce between Jeff and MacKenzie is the perfect example of the amicable divorce which people rarely see in the world.

Nevertheless, both Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos did not come up with the details of their divorce’s processes. And it is quite fitting as both of them are some of the high profile people in America and the world. By the looks of it, there is a group of professionals who aim at making the emotional topsy-turvy ride bearable. These professionals are divorce coaches.

Divorce Coach is the best component towards a healthy divorce

Deanna Conklin-Danao, a psychologist clinic, based in Chicago drives a collaborative coaching effort to eliminate the negativity during the phase of divorce. The clinic focuses on communication as they feel that communication is the best thing for coping with heartbreak.

The psychologist clinic said that they are driving a collaborative approach when it comes to approaching divorce. During a divorce, each partner has their own lawyers and also involve a divorce coach. And sometimes there is also financial expert along with a child specialist among others.

It is the job of the divorce coaches to make the conversations happen which the whole team witnesses. The process is excruciatingly transparent, and the discussions take place in person rather than over phones and emails. The divorce coaches come from mental health backgrounds along with expertise in mediation.

Divorce is mostly psychological in nature and here emotional and communication elements eliminate the negativity between a couple. And this is the reason as to why Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos are splitting in an amicable way.

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