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Jeff Bezos divorce details with Equitable distribution method on $132 bn property

Jeff Bezos divorce

Jeff Bezos divorce and property partition

Jeff Bezos, the world richest man made an announcement to the whole world about his marriage getting to an end. The CEO of Amazon and his wife Mackenzie are seeking for a divorce since their marriage in the year 1993, the duo is believed to have four children between them.

Jeff Bezos, who is considered the world richest man with a net worth of $132 billion has been reportedly announced not to be in good terms with his wife, Mackenzie. The divorce of the duo can skyrocket his wife, Mackenzie to becoming one of the richest women in the world overnight if their divorce comes through.


  • Jeff Bezos divorce
  • Worlds richest man, Jeff Bezos
  • Mackenzie becomes the worlds richest woman
  • Equitable property distribution in spouse after divorce

According to the common trend in the United States where the marital property is divided between the spouse, that is, the husband and wife after divorce either through an “Equitable division” method or “Community property” method.

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Jeff Bezos divorce

Equitable distribution in Divorce

In most places, the equitable division method takes the lead and this involves the taking of the property separately by the spouse separately.

The method used for the division of wealth and property in the United States is different from that of a place like the United Kingdom. In a country like the United Kingdom, there is usually an attempt to divide properties with an equal proportion without considering the effort and contribution of the individual party in the success and the acquisition of such wealth. However, Equitable division method considers the two spouse as different entities under a partnership programme who are either wage earners, housemakers, spouse or parent.

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That is, this type of method takes into consideration the individual commitment of these individuals to the growth of their home, helping in the raising of their kids, proper maintenance of the home and another important part of their life will be considered in order to make proper deduction of how much money should be shared between the two entities.

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