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Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie has finalized their divorce, Amazon & Blue Origin are on stake

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos divorce

Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Divorce

The most expensive divorce controversy of the decade has come to an end.

On Thursday author Mackenzie Bezos and her husband Jeff Bezos said that their divorce has come to an end. The couple took it to Twitter and revealed that world that they are officially parting their ways.

Bezos’ marriage made it it’s to the leading tabloids of the US when his affair with Lauren Sanchez came to light. The report by National Enquirer regarding Bezos’ affair is the primary reason why the couple decided to split. And this Thursday on Twitter, the couple were praising each other, but they were quite sarcastic.

Divorce settlement between MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos

By the looks of it, Bezos is going to keep 75% of the total Amazon and The Washington Post’s stocks. The space company, Blue Origin is also part of the negotiation. Jeff Bezos will have sole voting authority over MacKenzie’s shares in Amazon.

Once the couple goes through the divorce, MacKenzie is going to own 4 percent of Amazon. On the second hand, the four percent represents around $36 billion. Bezos still retains the title of being the richest man in the world, amid his divorce. But the truth is the divorce has cost Bezos a significant time loss. Given that he is genuinely in love with Lauren Sanchez, things are not the same without MacKenzie.

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Bezos’ remaining stake in the company sums around $108 billion. And now Bezos is only 6 billion richer than Bill Gates. The current net worth of the software giant is $102 billion. Jeff and MacKenzie have four children and due to this Ms. Bezos will have access to half her children’s assets. Sources also said that the couple has many other establishment and properties across America.

The couple has kept some of the details of the divorce settlements private.

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