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Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez stay apart despite their love


Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez

According to the sources, Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos have to stay apart till Jeff gets the divorce. Lauren Sanchez told her friends that the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos and she have mutually taken this decision. Nevertheless, the newly found couple are talking to each other every day. And this suggests that the couple is genuinely in love with one another.

A source from Hollywood said that both Lauren and Jeff are having telephonic conversations all the time. Nevertheless, Lauren desires that she wants to maintain a low profile until Jeff gets over with the divorce. By the looks of it, the lovers are planning to stay with each other the right after the divorce. Jeff has not met or saw Lauren Sanchez since The Enquirer told the world about Jeff and Lauren’s affair. On 9th of January hell broke loose and things went upside down in Jeff Bezos’ life.

By the looks of it, the divorce is going to commence in a few weeks. The reason why the lovers have put privacy as their top priority is that they want to protect their children. Bezos thinks that divorce is going to affect everyone around him. And the children come in proximity due to the separation.

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Splitting from MacKenzie is tough for Bezos.

Sanchez has finally put her previous marriage to rest after divorcing Patrick Whitesell, the power agent of Hollywood. Nevertheless, the progress of the divorce of Bezos and his wife is currently unknown. Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos have shared a life and marriage for 25 years.


Splitting from the partner after 25 years is quite a tough thing that can happen to anyone. And this may be a reason why the negotiations between MacKenzie and Bezos related to their divorce is taking a long time.

The leaking of racy texts and messages between Bezos and Lauren has also put a dent between Lauren and Michael. The source also said that Michael is threatening Lauren that he will write a book about Jeff and his sister.

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