Jeff Bezos’ affair and divorce might have made an impact on Amazon

Jeff Bezos divorce impact on Amazon

The Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of the New York City, feels that Bezos’ divorce might have hurt Amazon. The publicized divorce of the decade between Jeff Bezos and his soon-to-be ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos might have affects Amazon. Most notably the divorce made an impact on regarding company’s plans for creating a second headquarter in the Big Apple. Well, this is something that the mayor had indicated when he appeared on Morning Joe on Friday.

There is a lot of things that are happening with the family of Amazon at this moment. According to de Blasio, unusual things are happening with the Amazon family but in the most polite way possible. These are the results of some of the most unusual factors that are currently going on with the Bezos.

Back on February 14, Amazon came up with a revelation and said the company is going to undo their plans. Amazon said that the company will back out of the project to set up a second headquarter. Previously, before everything went to dust, Amazon was going to make a headquarters in Queens. Nevertheless, the company went through union backlash, local opposition as well as protests due to $3 billion public subsidies. The online retailing giant might have received the subsidies only it would have given more than 25,000 jobs.

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Andrew Cuomo, the governor of NYC as well as de Blasio are utterly unhappy with the abrupt decision. Both of them were the ones who made the negotiations for landing Amazon with a good deal.

Comments from Mayor on Jeff Bezos & Amazon

The host of the show Noah Rothman asked if the affair and the divorce is the reason for this move? To this, the Mayor replied: He feels that whatever is going on is entirely unusual. When the deal was struck, it was going to move forward, weeks after weeks, and by God’s grace, it did. And then, all of a sudden the change wrecked the plan and all the mayor wants now is a clarification.

It is in a little bit of turmoil for Amazon’s owner and his wife. People can only hope that Amazon doesn’t become collateral damage.

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