Jeezy Talks Moment Jeannie Mai 'Couldn't Breathe' Ahead Of Recent Surgery: I Grabbed Her Immediately & Took Her To The ER

Jeezy Talks Moment Jeannie Mai’Could not shout’ Ahead Of Present Surgery: I Grabbed Her Instantly Took Her To The ER

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

Jeezy Talks Moment Jeannie Mai’Could not Happen’ Ahead Of Present Dentistry: I Grabbed Her Instantly & Took Her To Your ER

Jeezy is discussing additional information concerning his fiancée and talk show host Jeannie Mai’s current illness.

It had been previously reported that Jeannie Mai needed to depart the Dancing With The Stars contest since she underwent surgery for a severe throat condition.

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Today, Jeezy is discussing more about that which resulted in her illness. He called into The Actual Thursday (Nov. 12th) and verified she had an abscess which was obstructing her airwaves. He clarified:

“She started to ill, she had any issues with her throat. We took her into the doctor, they gave her a shot of steroids, so what was great, and it occurred . I just begun to see she had been having difficulties breathing. She woke up one afternoon… and I watched her and she could not breathe. I caught her instantly, took her into the emergency room… they discovered something, however they did not understand. We moved to another physician… The physician promptly looked at her told’You are finished with Dancing With the Stars.  You are done. That is life threatening If you do not get it repaired at this time, you can potentially lose your lifetime ‘ For me personally, that was true.”

He lasted:

“You men know Jeannie over I do. She is not a quitter, she is a fighter. Shortly after surgery, she had been hoping to work out how to return on this series.”

He included:

“It is difficult for her to break, but she is doing well. She is eating everything in your home. Between her Mama Mai, ” I do not understand.”

We are happy Jeannie Mai is doing fine!

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