Jeannie Mai Says She & Jeezy Have 2 Bathrooms

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai says She & Jeezy Have 2 Bathrooms

“The Actual” co-host Jeannie Mai along with rapper and activist Jeezy will probably be mentioning that their”I dos” double!

According to accessibility, Jeannie Mai showed while her and her fiancé may have just two weddings.

She said:

“My mother becoming needs a exact Vietnamese standard wedding. She desires Jay, my fiancé, to use the garb and to perform a number of the Vietnamese methods such as the tea ceremony”

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

She included,

“I clearly need a enjoyable throwdown with pizza then. I’d like a few’Dancing With The Stars’ dances in our reception. So we have decided that we are gont have 2 weddings. We are gonna possess among how we and Jay desire and we’ll have just one for Mama Mai, only cause if we do not we are gonna listen to it for the remainder of our lives”

She proceeded to affirm that she will have two dresses.

“Certainly. Otherwise, more. I am a style woman so that is my opportunity to go out there and get fun. Jay enjoys fashion also, so I am convinced no just are there to wedding gowns, we are gont possess the after-party ensemble, the following hours outfits. We wish to actually have fun on this as this is our big moment.” 

Jeannie Mai formerly received plenty of criticism afterwards she said she intends on becoming submissive to Jeezy as soon as they get married. She explained through an episode of The Actual: 

“The true definition of submit would be to take or return to some superior force or into the jurisdiction or will of someone else. I am gonna say , I Jeannie Mai, moving in my marriage, I wish to submit for my guy.”


She responded to criticism and stated:

“Well for me personally, submit does not necessarily mean that you’re less or less significant than your guy. Obviously, [Jeezy] and that I respect each other really evenly. What I am is within my job life, within my real life, I have my companies, I conduct my group, I create each one the decisions and that I direct completely from the exterior of my entire life ”

She included,

“In my house, I’d like my guy to direct. I need him to participate in exactly what I’d enjoy and what my dreams would be, what my fantasies are, then incorporate it, which makes the general choice that is perfect for our vision ”

“Girl, I’m 41I do not care what sort of pushback I purchase from other girls on the market. That is my own life and you are coming from divorce and making a significant choice to wed again after having blessed to fall into love and locating such a gorgeous person, I’d like to be quite open and clear about the way our life could be so we be certain our eyesight is aligned and we both are conducive to one another and understand this is the arrangement we are moving into.”

Which are the ideas about the couple with two weddings? Comment and tell us!

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