Jeannie Mai Rushed To Hospital Over Life-Threatening Throat Condition!!

Daytime talk show host Jeannie Mai has been rushed to hospital having a life threatening illness.

Dance With The Stars sponsor, Tyra Banks declared the news to audiences.

“I’ve got some sad news. Jeannie Mai had emergency surgery last night and she is in healing. She is doing well. But she has had to draw from this rivalry. And she shared with her psychological narrative in the hospital room. She did this for you. She really would like you to find , and you are likely to have the ability to find a bit afterwards. Now, because of Jeannie falling out, we won’t have a dual elimination tonight. However one pair will go home,” said Banks.


Based on reports, Jeannie experienced a surgery after being identified as having epiglottitis. The affliction”is a possibly life-threatening illness that happens when the epiglottis — a little cartilage’lid’ that insures the windpipe — swells, blocking the flow of air in the lungs,” based on Mayo Clinic.

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She afterwards talked about the episode:”I discovered that I’ve a neck abscess, in which my back pack and my neck had gotten so contaminated that it began permeating to the remaining regions behind my throat and my ears I needed to find emergency operation, which explains the reason why I am here today.”

She’s the show to their service.

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