An Unexpected Cause of Death of AEW Star Jay Briscoe

jay briscoe cause of death

The death of Jay Briscoe has shocked the world of professional wrestling in the United States. For 20 years, the 38-year-old wrestler ruled the Ring of Honor (ROH). Jay Briscoe, whose real name was Jamin Pugh, died Tuesday night. This made a lot of people sad, and they shared their feelings on social media. CEO of All Elite Wrestling Tony Khan wrote on Twitter that Jay Briscoe had died. Briscoe joined ROH wrestling in 2002 with his brother Mark. They became the popular tag team known as The Briscoe Brothers. Briscoe, who was 18 at the time, and Mark, who was 17, have been in competitions since the group’s first show.

Jay Briscoe’s Cause of Death

jay briscoe cause of death

A car accident took the life of the 13-time ROH Tag Team Champion. Reports say that the event took place in Laurel, Maryland. The Delaware State Police say that two people died Tuesday night in Laurel when their car crashed. Ringside News gave more information about the death of Jay Briscoe. The report says that at the same time, a woman in another car also died. The news outlet was able to look at the emergency medical services log and see that his daughter was also in a car crash.

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Tony Khan wrote on Twitter that Jay Briscoe had died and that he would do everything he could to help Jay Briscoe’s family. All Elite Wrestling released a separate statement about the professional wrestler’s death. It said, “It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the tragic passing of Jamin Pugh, who was known as Jay Briscoe to wrestling fans all over the world.”

Major Achievements of Jay Briscoe

The Briscoe Brothers are seen as the best tag team in ROH history. The Briscoe Brothers were the ROH World Tag Team Champions 13 times, which is a record 1,413 days. They recently won the tag team title in a Double Dog Collar match against FTR’s Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood. Briscoe and his brother Mark were also inducted into the ROH Hall of Fame with the first group.

Jay Briscoe’s Family

Jay’s kids’ names have never been made public, but in an interview, he said that his son is 13 years old, likes basketball, and isn’t too interested in wrestling. The information about his wife is not open to the public.

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Twitter Express Sorrow Over Jay Briscoe’s Death

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