Jason Kelce’s Expectant Wife Kylie Shines in Full-Page Ad Before Super Bowl

Jason Kelce's Pregnant Wife Kylie Featured in Full-Page Ad Wishing Her Luck Ahead of Super Bowl

Frida is sponsoring Kylie Kelce ahead of Super Bowl Sunday when she will be expecting her third child as her husband Jason Kelce hits the field.

Kylie Kelce has been recognized for her significant contribution to the big game.

It’s not every year that your husband’s team ends up in the Super Bowl – playing his brother’s club — when you’re expecting a baby, but that’s exactly what the 29-year-old woman is facing this week.

Kylie Kelce made waves earlier this week when her husband Jason Kelce announced that at 38 weeks pregnant, she will accompany her OB-GYN to the big game.

As fans speculate about whether the “Kelce Bowl” would include the arrival of the third Kelce girl, joining older sisters Elliotte, who turns two next month, and Wyatt, three, Frida chose to sponsor Kelce as their MVP, “Most Valuable Pusher.”


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Frida revealed its sponsorship of Kylie in a full-page ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Wednesday.

“This Sunday will earn more than $500 million in advertising and sponsorships centered on football players. But the true MVP will not be on the field. Frida is thrilled to be formally sponsoring Kylie Kelce in the sport of motherhood as she prepares to have her third child “the ad says, including a snapshot of Kylie at Elliotte’s delivery.

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“Kylie’s husband and team have been working for 18 weeks, while she is on week 38. Her water might really break instead of breaking. There will be no practice round. And it’s a shambles “It went on.

“It actually consists of blood, sweat, and tears. Do you want to speak MVPs? Where is the Most Valuable Pusher award? Her OB-GYN will be her plus-one this Sunday because her Big Game might begin right there at the Big Game. So, while her spouse is putting the football through his legs, she may be pushing something twice as large through hers. That is what merits sponsoring.”

Jason Kelce's Pregnant Wife Kylie Featured in Full-Page Ad Wishing Her Luck Ahead of Super Bowl

In an interview with PEOPLE about the opportunity to collaborate with Frida, she reveals why she opted to include a mid-birth shot in the poignant commercial.

“When I connected with Frida, we specifically discussed that photo, and I put it on my Instagram because I really believe that’s the embodiment of ‘ignorance is bliss,'” Kylie adds. “At the top of the photo, which is not in the ad, is Jason, who is absolutely unaware of what was going on.”

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“I also believe it’s a very empowering image. There is a person departing my body, the veins on my forehead are bursting, I’m sweating, and it’s the height of pregnancy, according to the mother. “You finally get to meet this little human that you created, and that’s the true mom vibe that Frida exudes to me.”

Jason Kelce's Pregnant Wife Kylie Featured in Full-Page Ad Wishing Her Luck Ahead of Super Bowl

“I’m just very, really glad to be working with a brand that supports, acknowledges, and sees that moment and considers the strength or power the photo possesses. It gives me great pleasure to be working with Frida.”

Frida will be doing something special for all of the ladies who will be bringing infants into the world on Sunday, offering them the tools to begin their season of motherhood.

Moms who have a baby on Sunday, February 12, 2023, can email evidence of birth and a mailing address, and Frida will send Frida Mom and Frida Baby clothing to help them handle their most difficult game yet: motherhood.

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