Jason Kelce and Kylie’s Third Child, “Little Lady” Bennett Llewellyn!

Jason Kelce and Kylie's Third Child, "Little Lady" Bennett Llewellyn!

A new member has been welcomed into Jason Kelce’s family.

On Friday, the Philadelphia Eagles center and his wife Kylie Kelce, 30 years old, announced on Instagram that they had welcomed a daughter.

On Thursday, February 23rd, the couple announced the birth of their daughter, Bennett Llewellyn Kelce, who weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces, and measured 21 inches.

With the message “Yesterday little lady #3 joined us,” the proud parents announced the arrival of their third daughter.

The new baby joins Elliotte Ray, 23 months, and Wyatt, 3 years, as the couple’s three children.

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In-person communication Kylie, who was 38 weeks pregnant when she spoke about what she loves about Jason as a girl parent, was getting ready to watch her husband play in Super Bowl LVII.

Kylie told PEOPLE that she doesn’t believe Jason ever imagined he’d have three girls.

“For whatever reason, he was always adamant that they had a son. We expect a male child. And I’m all, “Stop testing the limits of the cosmos.” Stop repeating that; it has reached the level of “OK, okay” from the cosmos “The woman laughed.

Jason Kelce and Kylie's Third Child, "Little Lady" Bennett Llewellyn!

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“Before having our first daughter, I always warned him that she would soon have him completely enthralled. To paraphrase, he vowed, “I’m not going to spoil her!” To which she replies, “I don’t think you understand.”

“Having only a brother and no first cousins, so basically having like no experience with tiny females, it’s been fantastic to see him sort of develop. And now he is completely smitten with his children, and they return his feelings tenfold “That was a gift she gave to all of us.

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