Jana Kramer Accuses Mike Caussin of Cheating Following Follower DMs Her

Jana Kramer, Mike Caussin

Maybe Not the first time.

Jana Kramer accused Mike Caussin of adulterous following a DM out of a follower, who stated that their buddy had intercourse with her husband. Oy.

Within an event of her”Whine Down” podcast Sunday, October 11, Kramer disclosed that she obtained a DM in an anonymous priest that maintained Caussin cheated on her .  “The reason it caught me off guard was since the very first time that I discovered Mike cheated to me was via a DM,” Kramer explained. “I believe — I told my therapist — I have this bizarre PTSD in which I undergo my DMs, nearly looking to determine whether the fact is gonna predominate from the DM back again. I’ve got this fear once I undergo my DMs. … It simply said,’Mike cheated , I am sorry’ And I looked in the individual’s profile, it’d zero followers, therefore it is like they only created this account. So, I achieved.”

Kramer proceeded to describe that she began to talk about the audience, who stated that her friend had unprotected intercourse with Caussin, however, did not have evidence.  “The sucky thing about it’s my default can not go to’There is no solution.’ That is where it hurts the most, at which I can not go,’I hope 1000%. He’d never do this,”’ Kramer stated. “I believe that is where it stinks…I started DMing that individual. They are telling me things that possibly, could make feel maybe, may be erroneous. She explained a couple of things about his team and I am like, OK, they can only look up that online. She said something about,’He has got a key apparatus,’ that has always been a fear of mine, who perhaps he’s some key apparatus he talks to others ”

Kramer afterward stated that waited a couple of days until she asked her husband about the rumors. Before she confronted , nonetheless, Kramer stated she”hunted the freakin’ home” to the alleged covert cellphone Caussin retained away from her. “I am like,’I really don’t wish to be searching under the bed going through his drawers hoping to discover this secret apparatus. Who knows if it is even true? ”’ she explained. “Like, how can I cope with this? We are coming from a top, and now ? I, however, can not dismiss it entirely due to our background,” she clarified. “There is not enough things from the lender to trust his term 1000 percentage, due to the stuff this past year which stinks. So I am just sort of, for example, stuck”

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The ideal sunset and a bit of reflection about the podcast…. Putting our narrative into the planet is not easy especially when folks attempt to mess with our minds and make problems. This weeks podcast we spoke about an event that occurred on my interpersonal media a couple of weeks back that might have resulted in a huge explosion. It is sad individuals feel the need to harm others. And here is the reality. While I read that, convinced there was dread and uncertainty that lurks in. Mike is in healing and anybody who resides with dependence understands just how scary that may be as far as we would like to control and handle, it is not our task. However, the truth is studying everything I read at a dm for certain originally scared me and that I must be smart. Someone mentioned”how is it with somebody who you don’t anticipate?” I clarified this in our publication…”Can you hope Mike?” Here is actually the number one issue I receive from my Instagram direct messages daily. The solution is,”Yes, even now I really do.” Now I find him operating his schedule, I find him showing up to your father and as a husband, and now that I see his voice fitting his activities. How he’s showing up seems differently than previously, that helps me . And, since we’ve mentioned, it requires some time to find that shift.” Thoughts on the @whinedownpodcast event?

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As fans knowthis is not the very first time Caussin was accused of cheating Kramer. Back in September 2016, news broke that the couple had split later Kramer caught him jobless. The couple reconciled and renewed their vows in 2017. They discuss two kids: Jolie and Jace. Throughout their time apart, Caussin explained he received treatment because of his sexual addiction. On the installment of her tradition, Kramer opened about the way the husband’s infidelity influenced their connection.

“In earlier times I have caught his telephone and thrown it over the room and smashed it,” she explained. “I can not become frustrated since she is not speaking to me I was just like,’OK, I must do my job today rather than be codependent and attempt to carry her feelings’ I simply had to walk off and sit ,” he shared. “After she told me every night, it smashed me as it stinks. …It stinks that she can not default to expecting me. It stinks that I have done what I have done previously to make this in a relationship at this time. My expectation is that years later on if something like that happened , she would have the ability to deliver it to me and we would almost be in a position to, for example, laugh about it as there’s that much confidence in the lender. However, I did not fault her whatsoever for questioning me still trying to figure out these things. When she said she searched the home, it is only, as, my heart cried because I felt so awful for my spouse to have to sense that these items and it is a direct correlation to things I have done before.”

From the event, Caussin additionally told listeners he does not believe his wife considers him that he did not cheat .  “I really don’t think she fully considers me ” he explained.

Kramer subsequently told listeners who Caussin is appropriate. “I have trouble considering it, but that I also don’t in exactly the identical moment,” she explained.

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