Jackie O Henderson stands up to 7k electricity invoice

Jackie O Henderson racks up $7k electricity bill

Jackie O Henderson has racked up a whopping $7000 power bill.

The wireless sponsor, that lives a lavish life, abandoned her underfloor heating system for 3 weeks straight, which resulted in the exceptionally expensive invoice.

Explaining her frustrations of this unit, Henderson stated she dwelt with it on through winter in her Bondi Beach flat that she moved out of.

“I’d the underfloor heating for 3 weeks strong during the winter, never turned off it after,” she clarified through Thursday’s Kyle and Jackie O Show.

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“In the morning I wake up, I go to the kitchen to create a cup of java before I put my slippers on and it is really pleasant to have the ground warm at the time.”

She confessed to having no idea that the heating will be quite so costly.

“You freaked out when you watched the energy bill.” Kyle asked.

“Yeah $7000,” she responded, shocking Sandilands along with also their newsreader Brooklyn Ross.

“YesI died, I was like,’Oh my god, so why is this so expensive? ”’ she included.

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“Since you left it for 3 weeks night and day?” Kyle reasoned.

“It is like a major heater beneath the tilesall over the home, such as a house-size heater 24/7” he added, stating that Jackie certainly ought to have known better.

Since getting her creature of a charge, the radio server has become an $11m house in Woollahra, which she disclosed too has underfloor heatingsystem.

“Now I have underfloor heating system at this brand new location, and that I have not touched that clearly,” she moans.

“Give her some time, she has just been there 3 times,” Kyle joked.

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