Karen Elson’s Powerful Defense of Meg White on Twitter: Jack White’s Ex Shuts Down Criticism with Compelling Words

Jack White's Ex Karen Elson Defends Meg White on Twitter

Get my ex-husband’s former wife’s name out of your f—ing lips, a journalist who insulted her, Elson tweeted.

Both of Jack White’s ex-wives are there for one another.

Earlier this week, when a journalist inquired about Meg White’s drumming skills, Karen Elson gave her a piece of her mind on social media.

“The White Stripes’ sadness is how much better they could have been with a half-decent drummer. I’ve heard every perspective on “but it’s a well-produced sound mannnn!” “In a since-deleted tweet, journalist Lachlan Markay stated. Meg White was awful, and no band is better for having lousy percussion, I’m sorry.

Elson, 44, who had previously been married to Jack, as well as Meg, 48, jumped to stand up for her in response.

She said on Twitter that Meg White is not just a brilliant drummer but that Jack White claimed the White Stripes would not exist without her. “Get the name of my ex-husband’s ex-wife out of your f—ing mouth, a journalist who insulted her said. (Thank you and please).”

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Questlove of The Roots and other musicians intervened in support of her abilities in the meantime: “I make an effort to ignore “troll opinions,” but this is seriously out of line. Really, what’s wrong with music is that some listeners strive to make it flawless like an Instagram filter, which doesn’t even benefit the song (or music).”

After that, the journalist deleted his tweet regarding Meg White and the White Stripes and then apologized for it, adding, “By now you’ve undoubtedly seen an ill-advised (and since-deleted) tweet I sent out yesterday.”

“It was, let’s face it, just genuinely horrible in every manner, and it was an over-the-top take on TWS and White as a drummer. petty, annoying, or just plain incorrect “Added he. “I doubt the tweet was seen by Meg White herself. I sincerely hope not, as I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be to witness a total stranger dumping on you.”

“I apologize to Meg White for this. Really. I apologize for having contributed to it as well, especially to the women in the music industry generally who I believe are more frequently the targets of this type of s—-. I’m going to work really hard to be more considerate coming forward, both here and off the site “Finally, he said.

After the White Stripes split up in 2011, Meg mostly avoided the media. They made the split public at the time via Jack’s Third Man Records website.

The message stated, “The reason is not due to artistic disagreements or a lack of desire to continue. “nor are any health problems, as Meg and Jack are both in fantastic health and feel great. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is to keep the band’s unique and attractive qualities intact.”

The post went on to say: “Meg and Jack both hope that their fans will not be disappointed by this decision and will instead view it as a wise choice made out of respect for the music the band has produced. Also, it is done with the highest respect for the fans who contributed to such masterpieces and with great consideration for their emotions.”

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In the meanwhile, Jack, 47, wed singer Olivia Jean in April of last year following a shock onstage engagement and wedding.

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