‘It is like their soul has been divided all over again:’ emptiness of MMIWG tradition

Following the current drumming ceremony in Peterborough’s Millennium Park for missing and murdered Native women and women, six clothes of this memorial tribute were stolen,” says a girl who helped arrange the event.

Four dresses and 2 tops are currently missing, some thing Georgie Baptiste claims is dreadful.

Baptiste who helped put together the Missing Murdered Native Girls and Women (MMIWG) tribute to Oct. 4 and 3 states she can’t come to terms with what occurred and wrestles with the notion of that would perform such a dreadful act of adultery.

“I might see if somebody took the things keep themselves warm, one crimson dress specifically was made from lace and would not be hot enough to use,” says Baptiste.

She adds that in the event the clothes were hot enough to utilize she’d have empathy for those desiring them to stay warm.

Baptiste claims , together with a couple other volunteers, prepare the memorial on Oct. 2. Sometime on Sunday, Oct. 4, the clothes went lost.

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“It is disgusting,” she explained.

Baptiste states the evening prior to the thefts, she wondered whether she ought to choose the lace dress which hung in the front of the Silver Bean Café house, but decided against it since the dresses had been around for more than a day prior to the thieving and she believed that they were secure.

Twenty-two crimson dresses lined on the walkway, a few hung tree branches off and a few were put in areas of importance across the coastline. All gowns and clothes were followed by biographies of those women and children that were killed, or who’ve gone lost. Baptiste states every garment was selected for every girl and child.

“I chose the lace dress to Delaine Copenace, a lovely 16-year old, breaks my heart which her gown has been stolen,” said Baptiste.

The Ontario coroner decided there wasn’t any foul play involved in Copenace’s departure and authorities ignored her disappearance, stating the adolescent had run away from your home. However, Baptiste thinks she was murdered.

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“MMIWG affects all,” says Baptiste.

Baptiste adds she can’t concentrate on the damaging surrounding the lost clothes by the MMIWG tradition and states, despite that, she didn’t fulfill many kind folks.

“One guy…took the opportunity to select small bunches of wild flowers that he put on the floor beside each mark — that is the sort of energy we want.” She states.

Baptiste says she had been a little taken aback by someone who stopped by the memorial and that did not feel that those episodes of murdered and missing women and women had occurred within Ontario, but instead was something which occurred over in the western states. She says that these discussions are critical in maintaining stories and memories alive and so nobody can forget the girls, women and kids that are lost, or have been killed in both Ontario and across the nation.


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Baptiste claims that she didn’t report the incident to city authorities for fear of potential backlash as shenor the volunteers, had asked the town for permission to install the MMIWG tradition. Baptiste states Peterborough is currently Treaty 20 property and they shouldn’t require consent, but also adds she didn’t feel comfy between the authorities.

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“It is like their soul has been breached all over again along with their memory in this way and it is not a great feeling.”

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