The Magic of Zach King Continues: Is He Still with Us?

is zach king still alive

Zach King, originally from Ohio but now residing in Los Angeles, is a popular American Vine user, filmmaker, and YouTuber. The six-second movies he creates and edits to make it look like he is doing magic tricks online have made him famous. Their videos are “digital sleight of hand,” as he puts it.

Is Zach King Alive Or Dead?

There is no truth to the reports of Zach King’s death. There have been no public announcements regarding Zach King’s passing from either his family or himself. Worry about Zach King and his loved ones have been spreading like wildfire on social media as the story makes the rounds. There is no verifiable source for the widely circulated rumor that Zach King has died. Zach King’s death has not been confirmed, and this is all just a rumor. Zach has yet to comment on the situation, so we should probably wait for a word from Shilpa or her family before making any judgments.

My Childhood

is zach king still alive

On February 4, 1990, in Portland, Oregon (USA), Zachary Michael King entered the world. His mother’s family is from Nicaragua and Austria, and his father’s family is from China. Zack and his three sisters, including one adoptive sister, were all educated at home by their mother. He finished his degree in Cinema and Media Arts at Biola University in December 2012.

At age 7, Zach’s interests blossomed, and he began filming films. At the age of 14, Zach began taking his interest in making movies more seriously, and he invested in a camera, a tripod, a Mac, and a computer.

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In 2008, Zach launched his first website, aptly titled “,” and thus began his professional career. King instructed people on how to use the editing program Final Cut Pro through an online tutorial. One of the few places online to find guides about editing programs was his website. Then King signed up for YouTube and began posting his own filmmaking guides.

is zach king still alive

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Soon after, he had amassed such a large following on the web that he could afford college only by selling seminars. As his fame grew, King appeared on an episode of the Syfy hit show Viral Video Showdown. On January 16, 2009, he created the YouTube channel FinalCutKing and, with his college buddies, released their first video, “Jedi Kittens.”

That video of two cats dueling with lightsabers went viral, with over 32 million views. The sequel he uploaded later also went viral with over 30 million views.

According to YouTube, Zach King was among the top 25 most promising new filmmakers in the United States in 2013. He began posting Vine videos that year and, within a month, had amassed a huge online following.

In February 2016, King and his wife Rachel competed in the 28th season of the reality game show ‘The Amazing Race,’ but they were eventually removed from the competition.

As of today, King is the fifth most followed person on TikTok, having begun posting videos there in 2016.

However, in 2010, he won a Hewlett-Packard commercial contest and subsequently attended the London Film Festival. Regardless, he had his TV debut on Zinor Layla that same year, and his cinematic debut singing in ‘Zootopia’ that same year. Zach King recently competed in the Mrbeast Creator Games 3, where he finished second and earned $1 million.

Intimate Sphere

In 2014, Zach King wed Rachel King, and the couple has made their home in Rossmoor since 2016. King and his wife, Rachel, received their first child, a son they named Liam Michael King, on July 4, 2018. The couple has a biological son, as well as two adoptive daughters and a foster daughter.

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