Do You Know Wilmer Valderrama’s Wife?

is wilmer valderrama married

Wilmer American actor, producer, and TV host Eduardo Valderrama. Famous roles include Fez on That ’70s Show, Agustin Madrigal in Encanto, and Carlos Madrigal in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

Are Wilmer Valderrama and His Wife Still Together? He Has Popped the Question to Amanda Pacheco.

Wilmer is currently not married. That doesn’t rule out the possibility that the actor is in a serious relationship, though. That’s right, he and Amanda Pacheco have been engaged since the year 2020.

Since Wilmer had recently ended his six-year relationship with singer Demi Lovato, the couple decided to keep their romance under wraps at first. But on New Year’s Day 2020, everyone was taken aback when Wilmer and Amanda announced their engagement after only a short, low-key courtship.

Wilmer captioned a photo of him proposing to Amanda on a beach in La Jolla, California, with the words “‘It’s just us now.’ 01-01-2020.”

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Amanda also spoke fondly about Wilmer and his proposal at the time. Amanda, according to Extra, expressed her feelings about her relationship with her late mother in a now-deleted post on her Instagram story. She stated, “Every time I talk about him, I can see your enormous smile light up in my memory, and I can hear your wicked laugh as if you knew he was going to come into my life and change it forever.”

In addition, Amanda said “I now have trust in eternal love, marriage, and all the things I was afraid to do without you RIGHT HERE, like starting a family. Now that I’ve found the most amazingly wonderful person to share it all with, I’m not just looking forward to it, but I’m positively giddy about it.”

The future bride also spoke highly of the location Wilmer had chosen to pop the question. When she wrote, “When that enormous wave slapped us after he asked me to marry him, your presence was felt one million percent,” she meant it.

Wilmer and Amanda got engaged in the first year of the year 2020, however, they are still not married as of the present. Wilmer has remained silent about the time that passed between the proposal and the wedding, but it does not appear to have been caused by any problems in the couple’s relationship. On the contrary, less than a year later, on December 21, 2020, the couple announced they were expecting.

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Wilmer updated the caption of his proposal photo, which featured a blurry image of the couple standing in front of a car and surrounded by multicolored smoke, to read, “It’s just us three now.”

Wilmer soon after announced that Amanda had given birth on February 15th, 2021.

Wilmer included a picture of happy parents cuddling their newborn with the words, “Life is a never-ending journey, and angels are often given to illuminate our paths and remind us that we are capable of more. Our first daughter seems to have dropped down from the clouds.” Nakano Oceana was confirmed to be her name, and he told People that the idea came from a trip he and Amanda took to Japan.

Despite not being married (yet), Wilmer is never shy about gushing about Amanda and their kid in interviews and on social media. To find out when the happy couple will finally tie the knot, follow either star on their various social media platforms.

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