Wil Wheaton Met His Wife: A Divorced Mother of Two!

is will wheaton married

A native of the United States, Richard William Wheaton III works as an actor. Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wesley Crusher, Stand by Me’s Gordie Lachance, Toy Soldiers’ Joey Trotta, and Flubber’s Bennett Hoenicker are just a few of the roles he’s played.

When Was Wil Wheaton’s Wedding?

Naija news reports that he is married to a woman named Anne Wheaton, whom he wed in November 1999. They have been happily married for about 23 years now. In 1995, at a party, the two people fell in love at first sight. Some information about Anne Prince is available, and we’ll have more for you as soon as we can.

As Told by Anne and Wil

It was during a New Year’s Eve party in 1995 that Anne and Wil first met one another thanks to their mutual acquaintance Stephanie. Nothing major transpired that night, but a few days later during a movie date set up by the friend and her boyfriend, the two were reunited. After that, they started going out together and got to know each other better.

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Anne admitted that, prior to attending a “Star Trek” convention in London with Wil, she had no idea that Wil was a famous actor. Anne and Wil had only been dating for a few weeks before she introduced him to her sons; nine months later, the family moved in with Wil. They exchanged their wedding vows on November 7th, 1999.

Wil’s medicine, a migraine with a very quick onset, and a pinched nerve all contributed to the seizure.

An ovarian cyst was to blame for the torsion that ultimately led to the ovary’s demise since the twisting motion blocked the blood supply. After several more agonizing days, her husband, understandably distraught at the state of his pain-wracked wife, made the decision to have the organ removed.

The Nightmare that Was Wil Wheaton’s Wife

Anne called Wil’s health crisis a “nightmare” she would never forget, and it wasn’t the only one. Wil experienced intense discomfort at the outset of the episode, which subsided for a while before developing into a generalized seizure. She cradled him in her arms as they waited for the ambulance to arrive, but she could do nothing to help.

Anne replied, “If I knew you were going to die, I wanted it to be in my arms, not on our bed by yourself.” After the ambulance arrived, Wil was sent to the emergency room for treatment. As this had occurred during the height of the Covid epidemic, and hospital procedures were extremely tight, the nightmare was far from over.

Fortunately, the doctors made a correct diagnosis, relieving the stress of worrying about the source of the discomfort. Wil Wheaton’s medicine, a rapid-onset migraine, and a pinched nerve all played a role in triggering the seizure.

The Wheatons have lived interesting lives and document them in their blogs. Anne and Wil have been together through thick and thin; from an impromptu meeting to an unbelievable twenty years of marriage.

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