Is Wayne Brady Gay? The Truth About Wayne Brady’s Love Life!

is wayne brady gay

Wayne Brady is an American television personality and comedian from Columbus, Georgia. Brady began making frequent appearances on the improv comedy program Whose Line Is It Anyway? in 1998.

In 2003, he received an Emmy for Best Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Show for his efforts on the program.
While starring in Whose Line?, Brady began hosting his award-winning ABC talk show of the same name.

Is Wayne Brady Gay?

Wayne Brady is not gay. Brady is presently unmarried. Yet, he had previously married twice. Here is what we know about his past relationships with women and the lessons he learned from them.

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Diana Lasso Was the First Wife of Wayne Brady

Diana Lasso was the first wife of Brady. In 1993, when Brady was in his early twenties, the couple wed. Due to the fact that they were married before Instagram and Twitter, there are no internet traces of their romance.

We are aware that their young love was fleeting. Just two years after exchanging vows, the couple separated in 1995. Brady commented in an interview with Closer Weekly on how their maturity may have contributed to the demise of their relationship.

“My first wife is a wonderful person, but you shouldn’t marry at the age of 20 or 21, because you don’t yet know yourself. I believe the lesson was not to act hastily.”

Mandie Taketa Is the Second Wife of Wayne Brady

Brady married for the second time in 1999. Mandie Taketa is the second wife of Taketa. She is a writer, and a dancer, and has an acting credit to her name as well. They were married until 2006, and their divorce was completed two years later.

Brady and Taketa’s divorce was largely amicable, unlike those of many celebrities whose divorces dominate the headlines for years.

A source told People at the time that the split was amicable and that both parties were determined to remain friends. This promise still holds true today. They have a really tight bond. Brady told Us Weekly that they are better off as friends than as wives, and despite no longer being in a romantic relationship, they rely on each other for support.

In 2014, Brady disclosed to Entertainment Tonight that he struck rock bottom on his 42nd birthday as a result of his depression. Taketa is credited with assisting him in his recuperation and providing steadiness during a difficult time.

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Wayne Brady Has One Daughter

Along with his second wife, Wayne Brady has one daughter, Maile Brady.

She appears to be following in her father’s footsteps by displaying a variety of skills. She is a singer who released “Exhale” in 2021.

She has appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful as an actress.

Continuing her career in the entertainment industry, she is collaborating with her parents to produce family-friendly material for the internet streaming channel BYU TV.

The influence of Maile on Wayne’s continued contact with his ex-wife. For the benefit of their daughter, the parents have acknowledged the significance of co-parenting over time. Their connection is so close that they live next door to one another.

“We said we want to give her an experience as close to living in the same house as possible,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “We have always lived in separate residences. We currently reside in close proximity. The truth is that I like her mother. She was supportive of me when no one else was, excluding my mother. There was fidelity, esteem, and confidence.”

During the pandemic, the three of them, along with Taketa’s new boyfriend Jason, were confined together. Although it may sound unorthodox, Wayne views things differently.

“My ex-wife is my best friend and she is my family,” he told Us Weekly. “Her boyfriend is a member of that family.” Who else would I choose to spend my time with?

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