Is Vanessa Lachey Pregnant: Is She Getting Divorce?

is vanessa lachey pregnant

American actress, model, and TV host Vanessa Joy Lachey. It was in 1998 when she won the title of Miss Teen USA. She has hosted Total Request Live on MTV and worked as a journalist for Entertainment Tonight out of New York.

What’s the Deal with Vanessa Lachey?

On July 15, 2011, Nick and Vanessa exchanged wedding vows. They’ve had three children since then: Camden (born in 2012), Brooklyn (born in 2015), and Phoenix (born in 2016). (born in 2016). Is it conceivable that they’re trying for baby number four?

In the year 2022, neither Vanessa nor Nick publicly disclosed their pregnancy or even hinted at the possibility. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped followers from speculating about it online, hence sparking theories.

is vanessa lachey pregnant

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Previously, Vanessa has stated that she and Nick are not totally ruling out having more children down the line. She told Us Weekly in August 2020, “I mean, I still like my spouse and he likes me.” So, “I guess it’s possible to do anything.”

Concurrently, in an interview with Tamron Hall in February 2020, she said “No más” (which means “no more” in Spanish). You can’t buy anything at the moment because the store is closed.

I never want to minimize the power and blessing of pregnancy,” she concluded. I know how challenging it is for others; I know that some families can’t even adopt due to insurmountable obstacles; I know how lucky we are to have three healthy, gorgeous children. So, rationally and monetarily, no; emotionally, yes, if we had another…”

Is a Divorce Between Vanessa and Nick in The Near Future?

is vanessa lachey pregnant

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There’s no proof that Vanessa and Nick are seriously discussing divorce, and the same holds true for the pregnancy rumors. In the first season premiere of The Ultimatum, Vanessa did, however, bring up her husband’s former marriage to Jessica Simpson. Nick and Jessica appeared on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica on MTV for three seasons during their marriage (which lasted from October 26, 2002, to June 30, 2006).

I had to go through all that s—t in the open because his marriage and divorce were so public. Vanessa revealed to her fellow cast members on the Netflix reality show that “it was very hard for us.” “When he said, ‘I’m going to let it go,’ and I said, “I’m going to let it go,” that’s when we made our commitment to each other,” she added.

Fans of Nick and Vanessa Lachey may chill out: These two lovebirds aren’t going through a divorce at the moment. Nothing has been officially declared, so baby number four remains nothing more than a rumor at this point, but the door may not be completely closed for the couple.

The first season of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is currently available to watch online on Netflix.

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