Is Tori Bolt Pregnant? A Little One Is Coming!

is Tori Bolt pregnant

Tori Bolt is a co-creator and co-owner of Bolt Farm Treehouse. Bolt Farm Treehouse is the ultimate, nature-immersive, luxury travel experience that will leave you feeling on top of the world.

It is also an inspiring place to reconnect with nature, the people you love, and your purpose, and it is the leader in luxury outdoor travel.

Is Tori Bolt Pregnant?

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Yeah, Tori Bolt is pregnant. The bassist for NEEDTOBREATHE said that he and his wife are expecting their first child in March 2023.
heart: On our treehouse honeymoon, we daydreamed about our future children and the environment we wanted to raise them in… an environment where they could thrive in the great outdoors and experience the joy of serving others,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the couple displaying ultrasound images. “These conversations and ambitions gave birth to @boltfarmtreehouse 7 years ago, and now we are ecstatic to announce the birth of Baby Bolt in August 2023!”

A representative for the couple officially confirms to the media that the artist, 39, and his wife Tori Bolt are expecting their first child in August.

We are at the pinnacle of success! Tori informs the media of the couple’s elation over their impending parenthood.

In addition to Seth’s work in the music industry, his and Tori’s fame stems from the creation of Bolt Farm Treehouse, a luxury mountaintop wellness resort modeled after the treehouse Seth built for the couple’s honeymoon.

“We spent our honeymoon in the treehouse that Seth built for our wedding, and now we’re planning to raise our child in one! Treehouses continue to play an important role in our greatest achievements “says Tori.

Who Is Mr. Bolt?

is Tori Bolt pregnant

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Seth is a member of the well-known band NEEDTOBREATHE, but when he’s not on tour or performing music, he and Tori run Bolt Farm Treehouse, a business that offers soothing holidays in beautiful treehouses that Seth built himself. In fact, he planned the first treehouse he erected for their honeymoon.

In their conversation with the Holidays today, Seth and Tori discuss what it means to seek and find true rest, as well as why our bodies and souls require rest. In addition, they discuss their unique love story, how they make their marriage work despite their hectic schedules, and how they prioritize their connection with God within their marriage.

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