Is Tori Anderson Gay? Debunking Rumors and Stereotypes!

is tori anderson gay

A Canadian actress, Victoria Anderson. Among her many TV roles are those of Dr. London Blake on TeenNick/Open YTV’s Heart, Queen Titania on Nickelodeon’s The Other Kingdom, and Evie on The CW’s No Tomorrow.

Tori Anderson: Is She Gay?

Despite rumors to the contrary, Tori Anderson is not a lesbian. She does not identify as gay or lesbian. Her agents have verified this for us. Gay rumors about her were debunked. Tori Anderson and Connor McCardle are now engaged. Who she was dating before is a secret.

Work and Personal Life

is tori anderson gay

Anderson attended secondary school in Mill Bay, British Columbia, and is originally from Edmonton. She received her master’s degree with highest honors in acting from York University in 2011.

Anderson landed the part of Dr. London Blake, the protagonist’s older sister, on the YTV/TeenNick series Open Heart in 2014. On the internet series MsLabelled, she plays PR guru Drew. For the 2016 season, Anderson portrayed Fairy Queen Titania on the Nickelodeon show The Other Kingdom, the mother of the show’s protagonist.

No Tomorrow, starring Anderson as Evie, was picked up for a full season on The CW in May 2016 and premiered in October. She has been playing Blake Crawford, a recurring character on the NBC show Blindspot since 2017. Anderson began recurring on NCIS: Hawai’i, a drama series on CBS, in June 2021 as Kate Whistler.

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Is Tori Anderson Married?

is tori anderson gay

Tori Anderson’s real-life husband is named Mitch Myers. Is Mitch also a professional actor? Yes!

Mitch wrote on Instagram, “If you ever wanted to see Tori shatter my heart – tonight is your night,” in reference to the first film in which he and Tori appeared together.

Which movie? The Bridesmaid Is Fair Game for a Kiss. Viewers can see the movie featuring the couple on the Roku Channel.

You only need to look at Tori and Mitch’s Instagram accounts to see that they dated for quite some time before they got married. (In 2013, Mitch’s third Instagram post was a sweet photo of him and Tori from the set of Spun Out, which he wrote, “Me and the hottie @tortorra_.”)

According to VimBuzz, Tori and Mitch have been together since 2010.

I’m curious as to when the pair tied the knot. As we scrolled through Mitch’s Instagram feed further, we found that on Tori’s birthday in 2017, he wrote: “18 more days until you’re stuck with me forever.” Tori and Mitch wed in the middle of January 2018. The ceremony took place in the Caribbean.

Just three months after the couple tied the knot, Tori posted an Instagram photo of herself gushing over her new spouse. The more she got to know you, the more in love she became, she wrote. You are caring, giving, kind, persistent, and have a hell of a good time.

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Tori and Mitch Have Any Children?

For the time being, it appears that Tori and Mitch’s acting careers are their only offspring. Before joining the cast of NCIS: Hawaii, Tori had already amassed an impressive IMDb profile, with credits like Blindspot, The Other Kingdom, Captured, and No Tomorrow.

Let’s hear it for the cute Canadians, shall we? You can see Tori on CBS every Monday night at 10 p.m. ET when new episodes of NCIS: Hawaii premiere.

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