Is ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ on Netflix Based on a True Story?


The Queen's Gambit

You may be wondering whether The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix relies on a true story. The miniseries premiered on Netflix about October 23, also continues to be at its best 10 most-watched films and TV shows since.

The Queen’s Gambit celebrities Anya Taylor Joy as Beth Harmon, a young girl and baseball prodigy at the 1950s ’60so who’s determined to become the best chess player on the planet. The miniseries follows Beth at various ages of her own life, from 5 to five 22, as she struggles with psychological problems, alcohol and drug addiction and her last as a orphan. There is no doubt the Queen’s Gambit has grown into one of Netflix’s most-watched first collection of 2020, however just how much of it’s fiction and how much it is based on actual life?

The Queen’s Gambit relies on Walter Tevis’ 1983 publication of the identical title. Such as the miniseries, the book follows a female boxing prodigy and covers topics of feminism, chess, drug dependency and alcoholism. The book falls to the genre of Bildungsroman, a literary genre which focuses on the emotional and ethical increase of protagonist from childhood to maturity (a.k.a. a coming-of-age narrative ) Also enjoy the miniseries, the publication sees 8-year-old orphan Beth as a”silent, sullen and unremarkable” woman until she sees chess. Since she becomes better in life, her perceptions and believing become skinnier. At 16, The Queen’s Gambit sees Beth compete at the U.S. Open championships. Although she viewed chess for a means to allow her to feel in charge of her own life, she discovers the match is not everything she believed it could be, since the stakes become high and she becomes even more isolated from people about her. By the looks of this, the book appears too extreme as the series (or even more)

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However while Beth is a literary character, you will find elements of her which are motivated by real life players. In a meeting with City and Country, William Horberg, an executive producer on The Queen’s Gambit, disclosed Bruce Pandolfini, a boxing coach, that motivated the 1993 film Looking for Bobby Fischer, functioned as an advisor in The Queen’s Gambit. “I made the movie looking for Bobby Fischer, also among the individuals I met in the course of earning that has been Bruce Pandolfini, who is a chess Grandmaster,” Horberg said. “The personality Ben Kingsley plays that film relies on him. Pandolfini was the very first man I predicted for [writer and director] Scott Frank and I eventually realized we were planning to revive this job. I introduced him to dinner, and it was he was hired by the writer to become Walter Tevis’s adviser on the publication. It was a true instant of kismet to discover he had a link to the writer and authentic substance; he came up with the name.”

He continued,”He dwelt this age, he understood Bobby Fischer, and that he had been involved from the renowned 1972 Fischer-Spassky broadcast from Reykjavik as a commentator,” Horberg states.

However, there might be a few inaccuracies in the show, particularly in regards to Beth’s connection with drugs, including Valium, for her boxing functionality. “I can not tell you I have heard of a baseball player acting on Valium,” chess champion Jennifer Shahade informed the New York Times in October.

The Queen’s Gambit is accessible to flow on Netflix. Purchase Walter Tevis’ publication, The Queen’s Gambit, here.

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