Is the popularity of Rainbow Six decreasing?

Rainbow Six

Alexandre Remy put a definitive end to the hopes of the fans while announcing the next Rainbow Six game. According to Alexandre Remy, there will not be a single-player mode of Rainbow Six. According to Remy, the single-player gaming mode is dead, and this time, it won’t come back to life.

Most of the games in the world are sticking to more complex and multiplayer gameplay such as PUBG, GTA Online. Even a new multiplayer game, namely Fortnite, is pulling more players into its ecosystem. By the looks of it, the new gamers like the multiplayer mode better than the single-player campaign.

Why does Rainbow Six stick to Multiplayer-gameplay?

Rainbow Six is one of the most successful franchises that came from the mind of Ubisoft. For a long time now, Ubisoft has been using Tom Clancy work in the game for quite some time. Moreover, Ubisoft and Alexandre Remy said that the unique selling point of these games is that they can bring players from different countries to a singular and virtual scape.

Furthermore, this is extremely similar to what PUBG has been doing for quite some time now. In the multiplayer mode, the players must beat each other to win a match. So far, this has been the quality of becoming an e-sport game. However, the next-gen Rainbow Six is not going to be superior to tactical campaign-mode games such as the classic Medal of Honor, Project IGI and Call of Duty.

What is Alexandre Remy trying to accomplish?

According to Remy, he and a team of developers in Ubisoft want to build a basketball stadium. On the other hand, the same basketball court would feature football activities. They are trying to deconstruct the essence of Rainbow Six and fill the forthcoming game with a puzzle.

They are building a game which comprises quality and can do well in the market and across the globe.

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