Is The 100 Season 8 Really Cancelled? – Spinoff Release Details

Is The 100 Season 8 Really Cancelled? – Spinoff Release Details

Based on The 100 by Kass Morgan, The 100 is an American post-apocalyptic web series produced by Netflix. It has become one of the best series that themes on dystopian setting along with the elements of Sci-fi and drama.

The 100 has run for a total of 7 seasons with around 100 episodes in its pockets. There’s still some speculation going on related to the release of its 8th season. Let’s discuss everything we know about The 100 season 8 and its current status and Why did The 100 get Cancelled?

Is The 100 Season 8 Cancelled – Spinoff?

The 100 Season 8 – Is It Cancelled?

Why did The 100 get Cancelled? To put it simply, the answer is yes. The creators of the show have already cited that The 100 will no longer have any sequel and its 7th season marked the ending of the show. Yes, it’s disappointing but the creators have decided to bring down the curtains.

From a general perspective, it’s a correct decision since they finished the story on the higher note as well as concluded it on the 100th episode. However, fans are demanding more content which has led to creators coming up with something new related to The 100.

Is The 100 Season 8 Cancelled

The 100 Prequel – Is It Happening?

Both Netflix, as well as creators of the show, have been going back and forth regarding this topic. The idea first came to the light in 2019 when Rothenberg began the development of spin-off series which would take place 97 years before the events of the show.

After the production was underway, the casting was also done for the prequel with Iola Events, Adain Bradley, and Leo Howard starring as the main characters. However, unfortunate news came later in 2021 about the cancellation of the prequel series.

Afterward, there was some news floating around that the prequel isn’t canceled but finally in November 2021, we learned that creators aren’t considering the prequel of The 100 series.

The 100 Season 8 Release Date

Since there’s a very slim possibility of the 8th season of The 100 to occur, it is difficult to predict the release date of the upcoming season. As far as the original creators of the show go, they’ve firmly decided to not continue the series.

Netflix on the other hand may have a change of hand on the popular demand. And it won’t be the first instance for a show to return to the screens after getting concluded. In any case, the bottom line is The 100s 8th season can’t arrive.

Will there be a spinoff to The 100? The chances of spin-off series aren’t diminished. While we learned about the cancellation of the series, it is worth noting that the production of it was already underway. So it won’t be surprising that the creators decide to go up with the prequel.

The 100 Season 8 Cast

For the cast of The 100 season 8, there are still the same doubts about its release date. If it does manage to get underway, we will see the current characters reprise their respective roles. However, that’s a long shot and we all know that’s not going to happen.

On the other hand, the casting for the prequel was done previously with Iola Evens who will play the role of Callie, Adain Bradley as Reese, and Leo Howard as August. If the prequel gets a nod, these actors will likely appear in it.

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