Is Tessa Thompson a Lesbian? The Truth Behind Her Sexuality!

is tessa thompson a lesbian

American actress Tessa Lynne Thompson. She began her professional acting career while attending Santa Monica College with the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company. She performed in productions of The Tempest and Romeo and Juliet, with the latter earning her a nomination for an NAACP Theatre Award.

Is Ms. Thompson a Lesbian?

is tessa thompson a lesbian

Tessa Thompson is not a lesbian, despite her recent role as Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnorak. Nonetheless, she acknowledged in June 2018 that she is attracted to both men and women, but chooses not to describe herself as bisexual.

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Who Does Tess Thompson Date?

Tessa appears to be unmarried and enjoying her best life, gentlemen and ladies! She attempts to keep her romantic life quiet, but the media just won’t leave her alone. The paparazzi have previously captured images of her in intimate circumstances with other celebrities, leading to speculation about her relationship status. Yet, she has never confirmed a romantic relationship with any of the individuals with whom she has been speculated to be engaged.

You won’t find any hints regarding her relationship status on her social media sites. Tessa is adamant that her romantic relationships stay private, and we must accept her decision. It is possible that she is now dating someone, but we have no way of knowing. So, ladies and gentlemen, do we feel Tessa is unattached and possibly available for a relationship?

Dating History of Tessa Thompson

is tessa thompson a lesbian

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We are aware of five people with whom Tessa Thompson has been romantically associated. Tessa was linked to Grammy-nominated artist Janelle Monáe in 2015, according to PopSugar, when she appeared as a backup dancer in Janelle’s “Yoga” music video. At the 2015 MOCA gala, the two were photographed together. In 2018, when Janelle released the music video for her album Dirty Computer and Tessa was prominently featured in the video, the allegations began to surface in earnest.

Tessa’s interview with Net-a-Porter in 2018 was the determining factor in the public’s belief that the two were dating. Tessa admitted in this interview that she and Janelle have a profound love for one another and that she doesn’t mind if others guess about their relationship. In a subsequent tweet, though, she clarifies that she never claimed to be in a relationship. Hence, we will never know if Tessa and Janelle actually dated in reality. I believe they did, however.

In 2019, rumors also circulated that Tessa was dating English singer Dev Hynes. Many believed they were dating based on their frequent appearances in public together. In 2020, they were sighted at the after-party for the premiere of Sylvie’s Love, when Tessa was observed cuddling up to the singer. After being spotted together at Milan Fashion Week in 2020, we have not seen the couple together again.

In 2021, suspicious images of Tessa, Taika Waititi, and Rita Ora hanging out together surfaced, and suspicions grew that the three were involved in a polyamorous relationship. In one shot, Tessa can be seen kissing Rita, while in another, the three are embracing each other in a close embrace. We don’t know what was happening in the images, but I’m guessing it was just three friends enjoying each other’s company. Tessa never discussed the incident publicly.

Zac Stenmark, an Australian model, is the most recent person we’ve seen Tessa intimately with. On May 23, she was spotted in Australia kissing and holding hands with him. As Tessa has not been spotted with him since then, it is unknown if they are dating. So long as Tessa does not confirm her relationship status, we will have to assume she is single.

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