Is Steve Hilton Gay? A Closer Look at Her Personal Life and Sexuality!

is steve hilton gay

Stephen Glenn Charles Hilton is a political commentator and erstwhile political adviser from the United Kingdom. From 2010 to 2012, he served as the director of strategy for British Prime Minister David Cameron. Hilton has hosted The Next Revolution, a weekly Fox News current affairs program, since 2017.

Is Steve Hilton Gay?

is steve hilton gay

Steve Hilton is not gay because he is married. Rachel Whetstone, an Uber open connection official and senior vice president of policy and communication, is his wife. Rachel was formerly Michael Howard’s political secretary, a British politician who served as a founding member of the Conservative Party.

In 2015, she was also the director of Communication for Google. Steve Hilton and Rachel Whetstone met at the Conservative Central Office, where they began their friendship and eventually began dating. They were wed in 2008. They are blessed with two children.

Additionally, the couple served as Godparents to Ivan Cameron, the eldest child of David Cameron. Steve currently resides in Paolo, Alta California, with his spouse and children in their own residence. The couple enjoys a luxurious and prosperous lifestyle and is adept at adjusting both their personal and professional lives.

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Steve Hilton: Profession, Salary, and Wealth

is steve hilton gay

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Steve Hilton began his career after graduation by joining the Conservative Central Office. He had the opportunity to be excellent friends with his potential future spouse, David Cameron, and Rachel Whetstone.

Steve Hilton served as a meeting researcher at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University for one year. He is also a major contributor and the current CEO of

In addition, he backed the Brexit campaign and supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the American presidential election. During his political career, he has encountered a multitude of responses.

In addition to his political career, he is also a creator. ‘More Human’ is the title of his publication. This book examines the indifference of governments and political parties toward the problems encountered by common men.

According to data from 2022, Steve’s estimated net worth is $3 million after receiving a generous salary.

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