Is Simon Cowell Gay? The Truth About His Gay Identity!

is simon cowell gay

Simon Phillip Cowell is an English industrialist and record executive. He is the creator of the internationally successful franchises The X Factor and Got Talent.

Is Simon Cowell Gay?

Simon is not gay. He is engaged to Lauren Silverman. In January 2022, the couple confirmed their engagement. He later verified that Silverman was pregnant with his child, and on February 14, 2014, she gave birth to their son.

Who Has Simon Cowell Previously Dated?

Jackie St Clair

is simon cowell gay

In the 1970s, Simon dated Page 3 model Jackie St Clair, and although they are no longer together, they remain close companions. Despite a rumored feud between the model and Simon’s subsequent girlfriend, musician Sinitta, the model was cast in the film.

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is simon cowell gay

Simon and Sinitta had an on-again, off-again relationship for over 20 years, with Sinitta previously confessing that she never truly believed it to be over until the mogul welcomed his son Eric. Sinitta and Simon met for the first time in 1980, and despite the romantic overtones of their friendship, Sinitta remains close to Simon and even expects to officiate his wedding.

When asked when she and Simon “finally called it quits,” she responded, “whenever it felt right.” Sinitta remarked to New Magazine, ‘There was always an element of “well, it’s never really over.” But when Eric was born, everything changed. I would never try to interfere with his family.

‘[Lauren] and I were closest friends. I’m ecstatic for them, but it was difficult and caused repercussions.’

Louise Payne

is simon cowell gay

During the 1990s, Simon allegedly dated page 3 model Louise Payne, although their rumored relationship was kept securely under wraps. In 2012, a source told the Daily Star that the couple was briefly engaged after Simon proposed to the model during a vacation to New York, but that the X Factor star ultimately decided against settling down.

According to a source, Simon was ‘heartbroken’ when they made the breakup permanent, despite the fact that they had reportedly parted multiple times during their relationship.

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Georgina Law

is simon cowell gay

Simon dated model and exotic dancer Georgina Law for six months in the year 2000, after his rumored relationship with Louise ended. Georgina subsequently claimed that she met Simon at the strip club where she previously worked and that they had a “casual relationship” for several months.

She added that they were not formally dating and that the fling occurred before he became a dame on Pop Idol.

Terri Seymour

is simon cowell gay

Between 2002 and 2008, Simon was in a committed relationship with reporter and model Terri Seymour. There were rumors at the time that Simon did not want children, but this was never confirmed, and both now have children of their own.

Simon has an uncanny ability to remain friends with his exes, and he, Terri and Lauren, as well as the children of both former couples, have spent time together, even going pumpkin harvesting in 2019.

Dannii Minogue

is simon cowell gay

Simon and the superstar Dannii Minogue had excellent chemistry while serving as judges on The X Factor, and it appears that chemistry continued off-screen. In 2012, Simon appeared to admit to a 2007 fling with the sex symbol’ Dannii during which they spent several evenings together.

I developed an infatuation with her. The music mogul was quoted as saying, “It was Dannii’s hair, her sexy clothes, and her t**s.”

“I resembled an adolescent. She was sultry. She was a woman’s woman. Highly feminine. It was genuine affection. Referring to his ex-girlfriend Terri, Cowell explains that his relationship with Dannii was not serious: ‘After Terri Seymour, I wasn’t ready for another relationship.’

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Mezhgan Hussainy

is simon cowell gay

Simon dated makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy for several years prior to their 2010 engagement. In 2002, they met on the set of American Idol, where she was a makeup artist and he was, of course, a judge.

As fate would have it, they broke up in 2011, with the TV judge transferring ownership of the home to his ex-fiancée as a ‘parting gift,’ as described by some.

Carmen Electra

is simon cowell gay

Simon and actress Carmen Electra had a relationship in 2013, though neither party appears to concur on the nature of that relationship. Britain’s Got Talent icon had declared that he and Carmen were ‘people who date’, which is a vague statement in and of itself.

Nevertheless, the Baywatch actress subsequently insisted that the two were ‘friends’ who ‘hung out a few times.’ They were photographed holding hands in a restaurant the same year, and Carmen had referred to him as “cute” and “adorable,” so we’ll term that a situationship.

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