Is Shiv Pregnant on Succession Season 3? Fans Are Convinced About Her Pregnancy!

is shiv pregnant on succession season 3

This article contains Succession spoilers. When Sarah Snook debuted her baby bump at the season 4 premiere of the critically acclaimed HBO show about horrible characters, many fans wondered if her character Shiv was pregnant.

Succession, which debuted in June 2018, follows the wealthy Roy family, who own the Waystar RoyCo global entertainment and media conglomerate. When Succession begins, the company’s future is uncertain due to the health issues of Logan Roy, the aging patriarch, and founder, which have shareholders challenging his fitness to lead.

His four adult children, Kendall, Roman, Shiv, and Connor, spare no time in voicing their opinions on who should succeed him as CEO of the company. Throughout the course of the satirical drama, Shiv’s relationship with her spouse, Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen), becomes increasingly strained, and the couple faces fertility issues. At the beginning of season four, Shiv and Tom’s marriage is symbolically over, but an unexpected pregnancy would undoubtedly derail Shiv’s professional ambitions.

Is Shiv Pregnant on Succession Season 3


is shiv pregnant on succession season 3

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There have been moments in the fourth season that have fans talking, but it’s too early to say for sure. In the second episode, “Rehearsal,” Connor and Willa have their rehearsal dinner the night before their nuptials. To celebrate, the Roy siblings resolve to go karaoke, but of course, some Dutch courage is required. Shiv jokes about ordering a “house red, Do I dare?” while ordering a non-alcoholic “club soda with a sealed lid, nothing from that tainted nozzle.”

Refusing alcohol is one of the telltale symptoms of pregnancy, but Shiv appeared to have a lot of work on her mind. We cannot help but believe there are no coincidences in Hollywood. It is not the first time that fans have speculated about Roy-Wambsgans’ progeny.

In the two-part season three finale, Shiv’s mother Caroline Collingwood implied to her daughter that she would be a terrible mother, prompting Shiv’s daughter to return home and engage in bitter sex with her husband. The couple discusses their future fertility plans and what they will do with Shiv’s frozen ova the following morning. In the season three finale, when Tom betrays Shiv by tipping off Logan, her hand falls to her midsection.

As previously stated, Tom and Shiv have previously discussed having children. Tom admits he’s “most horny” when Shiv is “most fertile” in the fifth episode of season three when he’s threatened with imprisonment for offenses committed by WayStar RoyCo. She questions his ability to discern where she is in her cycle. “Are you keeping a shadow log? She queries, “Am I observing the phases of the moon to determine when I’m most fertile?” “No, I just counted the days on my iCal,” he responds. “I’ve got about six more ovulation windows until all sex is prison sex,” he says, adding that a child would “keep you company” while he was incarcerated.

Snook revealed her pregnancy to the world on March 20, 2023, during the season four premiere of Succession. “It’s very exciting!” As she caressed her burgeoning baby bump, Snook told Entertainment Tonight that she was pregnant. “I feel great.” It’s possible that Snook’s real-life pregnancy has no bearing on the plot of Succession; costume designers have deftly concealed the fact that many actors have been pregnant on screen.

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During the 2002 filming of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant with her first child. This is perhaps her most well-known pregnancy. Obviously, this would not work for the infamously single Carrie Bradshaw, so Patricia Fields was forced to be resourceful and conceal whatever she could. It did not always go according to plan, particularly when it came to a multicolored striped skirt. Parker recalled what it was like to film while pregnant in People’s The Jess Gagle Interview in 2018. “The skirt kept blowing up,” she said. “I was so afraid that you would see—no one at work knew, and there were paparazzi everywhere.”

Given that Shiv and her brothers Kendall and Roman are vying for their father’s company, it would be a fairly explosive way to conclude Succession. On the final table read of the series, Nicholas Braun, who portrays Cousin Greg, told Entertainment Tonight, “We expected it while making the show, but you don’t believe it until Jesse Armstrong says it.” He continued, “I was as depressed as hell on my last day,” describing how he felt as production wrapped on the upcoming final episodes. “I left my job a few weeks ago, and it was a very difficult day, you know, saying farewell to everyone. It has been the most rewarding professional experience of my life. Therefore, saying goodbye to these individuals is very difficult.”

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