Is Shantel Van Santen Pregnant? All the Clues and Rumors Uncovered!

is shantel vansanten pregnant

Shantel VanSanten is a model and American actress. She has been featured in Teen Vogue and Seventeen magazines as a model.

Is Shantel Van Santen Pregnant?

is shantel vansanten pregnant

No, She Is Not Pregnant. Recently, Media Mass Reported that Various Tabloids Have Alleged that Shantel Is Currently Pregnant. In Fact, Reports Indicate that The Actress Was Observed on A Dinner Date with What Appears to Be a Baby Bump.

The Pr Representative for Shantel Has neither Affirmed nor Denied the Allegations. “I Do Not Comment on Her Personal Life,” Shantel’s Representative Reportedly Said. Unfortunately, This Has only Given Rise to Additional Rumors Regarding Shantel’s Alleged Pregnancy.

It Is Somewhat Distasteful to Spread Pregnancy Rumors About Shantel or Anyone Else for That Matter. After All, Shantel May Wish to Declare Her Pregnancy on Her Own Time if She Is Pregnant.

Alternatively, if She Is Not Expectant, She May Feel Self-Conscious About Her Appearance.

Accordingly, Credible Sources Have Not Reported Shantel’s “pregnancy,” so It Is Safe to Presume that It Is Merely a Rumor.

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Who Is Shantel Van Santen Dating?

is shantel vansanten pregnant

Van Santen Is Engaged to Actor Victor Weber, Whom She Met While Filming the 2017 Hallmark Film Love Blossoms. On February 9, 2021, the Couple Became Engaged, Less than Two Years Prior to Nina’s Pregnancy on Fbi. Van Santen Told People at The Time of The Proposal, “It Was the Most Perfect, Wonderful Day of My Entire Life.” Furthermore, I Cannot Wait to Marry My Best Companion.

She continued, “Relationships Are Difficult; You Must Strive for Them and Put Forth Effort. Now that We’ve Completed the Task and Put in The Effort, We Feel at Ease. I’m thrilled that We Get to Start Our Lives Together.

Van Santen Also Told People at The Time that She and Webster Were Planning a Wedding that Would Include Both of Their Families from Texas and Minnesota, as well as Acquaintances from California. She stated, “We Are Mulling Over a Variety of Ideas.” Who Knows Where We’ll End Up, but We’re Such Adventurers and Enjoy Traveling Together so Much. Therefore, I believe that I will Have to Play a Role in Some Capacity.”

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Van Santen Also Told People that She and Webster Were Considering a Cross-Country Road Trip to Visit Their Families in 2021 as A Means to Retrace Their Road Trip Along the Same Route.

“if You Can Go on A 42-Day Road Trip with Your Partner and Not Kill Each Other, I Think We’re Good,” She Said, Adding that Her Relationship with Webster, Who Portrayed Nicholas Alamain on Days of Our Lives, Remains a “total Surprise” to Her. “I Never Would Have Guessed It Would Be Him,” She Said. “that Is the Greatest Surprise to Me; I’ve Never Had a Plan for My Life, and My Heart Has Always Been Wide Open.

However, I Recall Meeting Him and Reflecting Back on Our Journey to Where We Are Now, I Am Completely Surprised. I Adore Him More with Each Passing Breath.”

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