Is Shane Dawson Pregnant: They Talk About in Podcast!

is shane dawson pregnant

Shane Dawson, a YouTuber, and his fiance are beginning their family. The pair revealed that they have chosen an egg donor as part of the fatherhood process in a YouTube video that was uploaded on March 27. The two have previously spoken about their path to fatherhood while sharing a home in Parker, Colorado. Many people now wish to know the exact due date of their child.

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When Will Shane Dawson’s Child Be Born?

It’s feasible that the kid will be delivered before the end of the year now that the couple has located their egg donor. Although the couple has not yet specified a specific due date, it is unknown whether or not their donor is pregnant. The due date of the child will remain a mystery for the time being, but Shane and Ryan will probably keep the public informed as things develop.

On His Podcast, Ryland Has Talk About Becoming a Father.

Ryland discussed the difficulties he had during the surrogacy process with his co-host Lizzie Gordon on an episode of his podcast, The Sip, from January of this year.

The waitlist is 18 to 36 months if you start today, he said, even with, like, a surrogacy service. “We finally looked into, like, we started the process of trying to figure it out.”

He said, “And that’s not the only stop.” After finding the egg at a fertility clinic, finding a surrogate, and taking care of all the legal paperwork, comes the next step.

Although it appears that Ryland and Shane have successfully navigated most of the challenges involved in this procedure, surrogacy is undoubtedly a challenging system to understand.

Shane Started Posting Again on YouTube Last Summer.

Shane left YouTube for over a year in 2020 after a scandal involving old, hateful postings. But he went back to the site and started posting there frequently in the summer of 2021. When he returned, Shane claimed that the issue had taught him something about himself and helped him grow. He added that since coming back to the platform, he has largely avoided trouble.

But even after leaving YouTube, Shane continued to generate discussion online. Ryland really made headlines when he made it plain that he would be supporting Shane despite the turmoil surrounding him during the time that he was thought to be dead. The two of them now appear to be advancing in their lives.

Shane is one of the more established influencers who rose to fame in the early years of YouTube, and it appears that he has mellowed out recently. Many people will follow along as he goes through the surrogacy procedure and gives birth to a child even if he may no longer be the YouTube king that he once was.


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