Is Seth Rollins Gay? Breaking the Silence on His Sexuality!

is seth rollins gay

Colby American professional wrestler Daniel Lopez. Currently under contract with WWE, he performs on the Raw brand under the ring moniker Seth “Freakin” Rollins or simply Seth Rollins. His in-ring prowess and his skill at reinventing his on-screen character have earned him accolades.

Is Seth Rollins Gay?

is seth rollins gay

Seth Rollins is not gay. There is no evidence that Rollins is anything other than heterosexual. Becky Lynch is involved in a relationship with him. WWE confirms to PEOPLE that the couple exchanged vows on Tuesday.

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Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch Wed

Rollins, 35, first alluded to his upcoming nuptials in an Instagram Story post featuring an image of Lynch outdoors with the ocean in the backdrop. Rollins wrote in his post, “It seems like a good time to (finally) get married.”

Six months prior to their wedding, the couple welcomed their first child, Roux. Rollins and Lynch, both 34 years old, made their relationship public in May 2019 with a photograph of them kissing in black and white. Three months later, in August, their engagement followed.

Lynch previously told Media, “When we got together, things became a lot clearer, and I knew he was the person I wanted to have children with; I just didn’t know when.”

“Seth is one of the smartest people I know,” the Irish-born actress said of her ex-husband. He is the most generous and kind-hearted person with an absurd work ethic and integrity.

is seth rollins gay

She continued, “He is extremely focused on doing the right thing and is constantly seeking to grow, correct himself, and improve himself so that he can be the best person for me and the best father.”

Lynch underwent a series of pregnancy testing in April 2020, after which the couple discovered she was pregnant. Lynch explained to PEOPLE that despite the initial result is negative, she followed her intuition and purchased a digital test that confirmed her suspicions.

“Oh, it was fantastic; I was ecstatic. Rollins added to PEOPLE in August 2020 that when the pregnancy test came back positive, Lynch was more surprised than he was. “I was just excited,” he said. “Right out of the gate, I was so enthusiastic. I wish we had a camera because I flung my arms in the air out of sheer excitement.”

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“It’s one of those situations where you never know when you’ll be prepared for something similar, but as soon as it happened, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m ready to go, brother. Let’s get this done,’ he continued. The first half of the trip has been an adventure.

The couple proclaimed Roux’s birth with a social media post depicting them holding their newborn’s hand.

“Welcome to the world Roux,” Lynch wrote. “You are the love of our lives.”

For Father’s Day, Lynch posted a photo of Roux and Rollins to Instagram, along with a heartfelt message to her now-husband. Lynch wrote, “You are the most extraordinary father our daughter could ever have.” “Happy first Father’s Day [Rollins]! We love you.”

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